Recent federal investments in early childhood services through the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge and the State Early Childhood Advisory Council have raised support for and awareness of early childhood services. Nationally, as states move to unify their early education and child care systems and align them with other education and health and human service systems, several questions arise: What role will each level of government play? How will success be defined and measured? How will service delivery, standards, and policy duplication be eliminated while quality and access are maintained for families?


PCG offers a wide range of consulting solutions to improve early education and child care programs and operations. With more than 25 years in the field, we understand the operational, policy and technology fundamentals of early childhood programs, such as child care, pre-kindergarten, Head Start, Early Intervention, maternal and infant health, and other early child development services. Just as importantly, we understand how all of these services need to coalesce to form an integrated early childhood system of care to prepare children developmentally for their future academic and productive lives.


PCG Human Services has 25 years of experience guiding state and regional systems through the planning process. We offer expertise in strategic planning, governance structure design, analysis, stakeholder facilitation, and resource mapping (including GIS-supported mapping). Our services include

Child Care & Development Funding (CCDF)/Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG)

PCG can provide child care subsidy management and program integrity to manage child care and early childhood funding.

Early Childhood Information Systems Consulting

PCG Human Services continues to gain national recognition as a thought leader in early childhood technology innovations. Our team has significant experience in the early childhood policy environment and understands the research trends that are driving the evolution of early childhood systems across the nation. Our hands-on work with early education providers and funding systems gives us a solid understanding of how these providers collect and manage data, how they are required to report data, and what data they wish they had to improve services.


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Early Childhood Institute

Increase your ability to promote positive developmental outcomes for the children and families you serve. We can help. We combine capacity-building training modules with more than 27 years of experience consulting to state human services agencies to help client organizations deliver the most targeted and effective programs possible. Our early childhood consulting experts use current evidence-based research to produce training modules that reflect best practices in the fields of early intervention, early childhood education, supervision of early care programs, infant mental health, parent engagement, and more. Learning materials employ an engaging, interactive presentation method combined with practicechanging content and professional development resources for sustained professional development and independent research after the institute concludes.


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Early Intervention Consulting

EI experts in Public Consulting Group's (PCG's) PCG Human Services unit can help insulate your agency from external pressures by helping you to develop and implement a strategic and efficient system for service delivery, data collection, service payment processing, and reporting.

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Federal Funds Reporting and Claiming

PCG Human Services™ assists states with a variety of review, analysis, and management services to maximize federal block grants.

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Governance Structure Design

PCG assists key decision makers in aligning fragmented early childhood services structures into comprehensive systems.

Market rate studies

PCG conducts statewide market rate studies and accompanying data analysis to assist states in ensuring affordability and accessibility of early childhood services.


Needs Assessment

PCG helps states and communities to evaluate program needs through assessments of early childhood services, identifying gaps for all stakeholders, including families and providers.


Provider reimbursement rate setting

PCG has extensive experience supporting state and local clients in following OMB A-87 and Medicaid rules for services such as Early Intervention (Part C) and specialized home visiting services.

Outcome and Quality Improvement Systems

PCG has experience designing and implementing program outcome and quality improvement systems, including QRIS.

Proven Results

PCG has helped numerous public sector organizations to maximize resources, make better management decisions using performance measurement techniques, improve business processes, improve federal and state compliance, and improve client outcomes and customer service. Ask us about our child care consulting projects for

County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA)

PCG provides Stage 1 child care payment services along with CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work (WTW) / Refugee Employment Services (RES), serving approximately 7,000 clients.

State of North Carolina, Department of Health and Human Services, Onsite Child Care Fiscal Monitoring

PCG developed a Web-based registry, completing the High-Level Requirements, Other State Survey, and Propose Solutions phases of work.

Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)

PCG conducted a needs assessment survey of young children from birth to age eight and assessed the quality and availability of early childhood education programs and services for children from birth to school entry across the state.

State of Michigan

PCG facilitated development of a written implementation plan for the transition of eligibility functions from the Department of Human Services (DHS) to the Department of Education. The team conducted focus groups of parents, advocates, child care providers, and DHS staff members in six locations and helped make the final plan actionable by charting out tasks, responsibilities, timeframes, dependencies, and risk.

PCG Human Service's Early Education and Child Care Services Subject Matter Experts

Jamie Kilpatrick

Mr. Kilpatrick, a senior consultant with Public Consulting Group's (PCG's) PCG Human Services division, brings to the position nearly 15 years of experience working with Tennessee children, adolescents, and families in a variety of roles. Most recently, as Director of IDEA Early Childhood Services in the Tennessee Department of Education, he supervised statewide efforts for IDEA Part C – Early Intervention Services and IDEA 619-Preschool Services.


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Making a Difference in Student Achievement Using the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts
Download the Early Education and Child Care Services Datasheet

If you would like a printable copy of this information please download our datasheet.


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