GoalView is a revolutionary information management system for K-12, Special Education, Title I and other educational programs that nurtures achievement, ensures accountability, and offers the limitless accessibility of web-based software.

GoalView provides a simple, consistent way to plan and track student and staff achievement, improve accountability, ensure compliance, facilitate communication and improve collaboration. Administrators, teachers and students always know what they have done, what to do next and by when.

Improve Achievement

  • Set IEP Goals from aligned Standards
  • Create quality IEPs for every student
  • Track Alternate Assessments
  • Continuous Progress Report monitoring
  • Provide reports in multiple languages

Increase Accountability

  • Manage the IEP Workflow Process
  • Quickly produce Administrative Reports
  • Report Medicaid Services Delivery
  • Ensure accurate Child Count reporting
  • Transfer records between Districts

Limitless Accessibility

  • Receive instant access to data 24 hours a day
  • Integrate student data with District & State SIS
  • Archive forms with online Document Storage
  • Access through secure Data Center Services

Management Edition

  • Manage student and staff data
  • Monitor compliance timelines of program delivery
  • Know your To Do’s today, tomorrow & in the future
  • Create Notices in multiple languages
  • Generate and create ad hoc administrative reports
  • Automate State & December 1 Child Count reports
  • Transfer records between Districts

IEP Process Edition

  • Manage the IEP process timelines
  • Create Referrals, Evaluations, IEP/ITPs online
  • Set goals aligned to State Standards
  • Report Alternate Assessment achievement
  • Create Progress Reports for continuous monitoring
  • Create IEP reports in multiple languages
  • Integrated with Management Edition

Services Delivery Module

  • Track daily delivery of provider services
  • Record daily progress notes and minutes per session
  • Submit service encounters to Medicaid billing agency
  • Generate ad hoc service delivery administrative reports

Assessment Module

  • Create data-driven assessment reports
  • Access comprehensive dictionary of standard tests
  • Add your own district and classroom tests
  • Establish assessment classification criteria
  • Generate ad hoc reports on testing data
  • Integrate with GoalView IEP Process reports

Technology Module

  • Comprehensive integration, & support
  • Secure local and GoalView Data Center hosting services

Intervention/504 Module

  • Manage the intervention and pre-referral process
  • Identify successful intervention strategies
  • Improve achievement with continuous monitoring
  • Integrate with IEP Process for full accountability
  • Track results with administrative reports

GoalView can help you achieve the school and district accountability goals mandated by the ESEA No Child Left Behind Act and the IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Act. Learn more about how GoalView can help you get the ESEA and IDEA results you want.

More Information

For more information about PCG Education's GoalView product please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.