IEP Online™ empowers educators by helping them to develop and manage IEPs more effectively in order to serve students better.


IEP Online™ is a complete special education management solution which can help your school or district quickly create and manage content-rich, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) while meeting all state and federal requirements and reporting needs.


IEP Online™ is a special education management solution used in the creation of content-rich Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Features include

  • Data documentation. All of our IEP Online modules provide a comprehensive process to document a student's progress.
  • Framework. By providing a federal/state compliant framework, IEP Online gives teachers the freedom to focus on the
    development of educational programs for their students.
  • Decision-making. IEP Online not only tracks data; it helps teachers define the decisions they are making about their
    students. Educational planning is based on the data-driven entries and can change an opinion to a decision.
  • Compliance. IEP Online follows federal and state guidelines and produces compliant forms.
  • Training and support. IEP Online offers a variety of training vehicles to ensure that school districts are getting the maximum benefit of our products. Once you are using the product, our support module Help Desk provides an effective method to submit, track and answer any issues that may arise while using our software products.
  • Ease of use. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, our interface includes user-friendly Web-based graphics, icons, and tools.
  • User support groups. IEP Online is continually evolving to stay on the leading edge of current educational trends. We hold regular customer meetings to ensure that we hear your thoughts and ideas on the enhancement of our products.
  • Quick and easy implementation. Our quick and simple implementation process will have you up and running within weeks of purchase. IEP Online supports both hosted and selfhosted installations.
  • Full product offering. IEP Online offers a comprehensive and integrated special education management solution. All pieces of IEP Online are accessed through our Web-based dashboard.

More Information

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