Congress Passes Legislation to Expand the National School Lunch Program


In a bipartisan vote on December 2, 2010 the House of Representatives passed a bill (S. 3307) that provides $4.5 billion to expand the national school lunch program that provides free and reduced-price meals to millions of needy students in America’s schools.  The bill also authorizes the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set standards for the kinds of foods and ingredients that may be limited in school lunches and vending machines.  The legislation was passed unanimously by the Senate in August 2010. On December 1, 2010 House Republicans proposed to amend the bill in a maneuver to block its passage.  The proposed amendment would have required the bill to be sent back to the Senate for reconsideration, which may not have been possible before the end of the 2010 legislative session.  The passage of the bill allows Congress to send the legislation directly to the President for his signature.  Additional details about the passage of the bill are available in an article by the Associated Press as posted on December 2, 2010 at




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