Education Reform Focus on Growth Models for Accountability


President Barack Obama’s blueprint for education reform, published in March 2010, emphasizes measuring student progress and growth over time.  The importance of being able to measure and monitor student growth is also reflected in the U.S. Department of Education’s standards for the Race to the Top competition.  School districts across the country are responding by adopting new systems and models to demonstrate accountability for student achievement.

A new White Paper by the ECRA Group titled Local Growth Models for Accountability states:  “Recent federal and state initiatives have shifted the focus of accountability models from the measure of achievement at a single point in time to the progress or pace of individual students or groups of students over the course of their schooling.”  The White Paper offers guidance and insight into the process by which school districts may identify the most appropriate measures to document student learning and generate data from assessments that can be used to evaluate and improve school programming and professional practice.  To review the full White Paper please use the link below.

Local Growth Models for Accountability.pdf (106.97 kb)

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