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Medicaid Legal and Regulatory Assistance

PCG Health retains experienced professionals to provide consulting services that assist our clients in complying with state and federal Medicaid billing requirements. By performing on-going reviews of federal audit reports and collaboration with state Medicaid agencies, PCG Health is able to assess school districts' exposure to compliance issues, advise best practices, and help you retain maximum reimbursement.

Encourage the use of Technology PCG Health provides our clients with a comprehensive service and offers the option to implement time saving technology. Integrating Internet and Palm-based technology solutions into Medicaid reimbursement projects reduces the burden on school staff, saves time and facilitates compliance.

PCG Health's™ Medicaid Claiming & Billing for Schools Products Include


EasyTrac facilitates Internet and Palm-based documentation of health-related services to students. Clinicians can easily and conveniently document services at any time without the need for scanner forms and paper logs. To date there have been over 12 Million services documented within EasyTrac and more than 1,000 Palms are in use.


EasyAOC's online time study approach and random moment methodology, allows for convenient documentation of administrative outreach activities that complies with federal statistical requirements. EasyAOC eliminates the paper chase and there is no longer lengthy time study training required for administrative claiming.


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