The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) recently issued a challenge for states to develop and test new and innovative strategies that will improve employment outcomes in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.  PCG Human Services™ can help states implement thoughtful and innovative approaches that connect TANF participants to jobs in a more effective and less administratively burdensome way.  For more than 25 years, PCG has been assisting state health and human services agencies across the nation to successfully execute projects that enhance program performance within challenging operational and regulatory environments.  We can bring your ideas for a better TANF program to reality.


ACF issued Information Memorandum TANF-ACF-IM-2012-03 on July 12, 2012, allowing states to apply for Section 1115 waivers to Section 402 of the Social Security Act, which governs the TANF State Plan and recipient work activity requirements.  The waiver authority specifically allows states to test new ways of helping achieve better employment outcomes within the TANF program by offering flexibility on how work requirements and work participation are defined, administered, and measured.

PCG can help states implement innovation through this waiver by

  • Identifying leading practices, approaches, interventions, and models that will best achieve state objectives and align with federal priorities;
  • Designing federally compliant programs that are structured for formal program evaluation according to current applied research standards;
  • Preparing state waiver proposals for federal approval;
  • Aligning information technology and programmatic staffs to develop outcome measures that assess waiver outcomes such as family self-sufficiency;
  • Capturing current expenditures, revenue, caseload and service trends to establish a baseline for measuring potential change brought by a waiver design;
  • Estimating the cost and impact of the waiver program in future years, including projected caseloads, establishing benchmarks that agencies can use to measure how actual expenditures, service demand and revenues match projected expenditures, service demand and revenues; and
  • Facilitating the participation of stakeholders and public comment.

PCG’s TANF program expertise

PCG Human Services™ has 15 years of proven consulting and operational experience in state TANF programs:

  • PCG has provided expert regulatory, policy, business process, and fiscal consulting to 17 states and counties, offering tangible improvements to TANF agency performance and effective management of federal and state funds.  To date, our work has generated over $1.2 billion in additional federal funds for state TANF programs.   
  • PCG operates a TANF welfare-to-work employment services program in San Diego, California, where our team devises new and innovative ways to engage clients, meet participation requirements, and move clients toward self-sufficiency through employment.
  • PCG designed a successful TANF diversion program for the County of San Diego that leads to employment and reduces the number of people who require long-term public assistance.

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