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iep.onlineiep.online™ is a decision support system designed to help teachers and administrators make data driven decisions.

Serving the K-12 education marketplace since 1996, we help school districts maintain compliance with state and federal IDEA regulations, capture critical referral and pre-referal data, assist teachers in setting goals and objectives, provide the frame work for writing content-rich IEPs, and provide reporting tools to measure progress and track data.

Practical and easy to use, iep.online™ follows a logical work flow process that culminates with the printing of your required education forms. Calendars, automated e-mail reminders, scheduling tools and more are included in our solution to help you manage your everyday education processes. Our interface eliminates duplicate entry of information - saving you time and allowing your staff to focus on educating your students, not entering data.

We promise to fully support you. Our online helpdesk and live support staff provide outstanding solution tools to help run your program smoothly. A searchable, online knowledge base helps your users find the information they are looking for and our friendly staff provides helpful, insightful information to your users.

Our veteran staff, many of them former iep.online™ product users, bring over 15 years of combined education experience. We regularly attend conferences in the education field to stay current with regulations and procedures. Providing experienced knowledge is our specialty - we help you manage change, set your expectations and deliver on our promises.

Product Benefits

iep.online™ follows the "five C's" of the special needs education market:

  • Consistency - Establishing a repeatable process for IEP development. This process ensures a consistent experience at all levels within your school district.
  • Compliance - Developing IEPs in accordance with state and federal regulations allows you to follow the rule of the law - and document defensible data.
  • Content - Focusing on your students' needs delivers to them the best experience possible. By using the framework to create content-rich IEPs, you deliver results.
  • Curriculum - Through iep.online™ you align your instruction with state curriculum standards, delivering to your exceptional students the same level of access the general education students experience.
  • Case management - By maintaining and referencing class rosters at a glance iep.online™ makes your administrative life easier to manage.



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