RSSCorporate (4)

Date Title Rating
2014-04-15 PCG Acquires Hubbert Systems Consulting 2
2013-11-14 PCG Acquires University Instructors 4
2012-06-20 PCG Acquires Focus On Results 5
2012-05-11 Iowa Awards IV&V Project to PCG Technology Consulting 5

RSSEducation (214)

Date Title Rating
2014-06-27 ED Secretary Announces Increased Accountability for Special Education Programs None
2014-06-19 NCTQ Releases 2014 Rankings of Teacher Prep Programs None
2014-06-13 CA Judge Rules Teacher Retention Laws Violate Students’ Rights None
2014-06-06 ED Provides Guidance on CWA Access to Student Records None
2014-06-06 ED Announces New GEAR UP Competitions None
2014-05-30 NCES Releases the Condition of Education 2014 Report None
2014-05-23 School Desegregation Remains Elusive 60 Years after Brown v. Board of Education None
2014-05-09 NAEP Shows No Improvement in Twelfth Graders’ Reading and Math Proficiency None
2014-05-09 ED and DOJ Provide Guidance on Enrolling Undocumented Students None
2014-05-02 White House Releases a Report on Big Data and Privacy None
2014-05-02 Google Stops Data-Mining Students’ Email None
2014-04-25 ED Starts the 2014 i3 Scale-Up and Validation Competitions None
2014-04-25 InBloom Will Cease Its Data Warehousing None
2014-04-18 Report Finds Flaws in Juvenile Justice Systems’ Education Programs None
2014-04-11 Focus On Results: Sign Up Now For The 2014 Summer Institute None
2014-04-11 ED Releases Framework for Family-School Partnerships None
2014-04-04 PISA 2012 Assesses Students’ Problem-Solving Skills None
2014-04-04 New York Withdraws Plan to Share Student Data with a Third-Party Vendor None
2014-04-01 White House Releases Report on RTT Progress None
2014-03-28 OCR Data Collection Reveals Education Inequities None
2014-03-27 Judge Denies Class Action Status for Plaintiffs in Student Data Mining Lawsuit None
2014-03-14 USDE Awards New School Improvement Grants None
2014-03-07 The President’s Budget Proposal Would Increase USDE Funding None
2014-02-28 USDE Provides New Guidance for Protecting Student Privacy None
2014-02-21 Early Childhood Data Systems Fail to Link with Other Data Systems to Improve Outcomes None
2014-02-14 NY Supreme Court Dismisses Parents’ Lawsuit to Halt Student Data Sharing None
2014-01-31 Privacy Advocates Express Concerns About Collection and Use of Student Data None
2014-01-24 New CDF Report Highlights Child Poverty in America None
2014-01-17 Omnibus Budget Bill Restores Some Education Funding None
2014-01-09 Help a Kid You Love Create a Free Lifelong Learning Blog 5
2014-01-06 PCG, WestEd Launch Online Professional Development for the Common Core 5
2013-12-20 ED Announces the Winners of the Second RTT-D Competition None
2013-12-13 Congressional Representative Announce a Bipartisan Budget Proposal None
2013-11-18 Congressional Representatives Propose a Bipartisan Bill to Support Early Learning None
2013-11-18 The Number of Homeless Students Continues To Rise None
2013-11-14 PCG Acquires University Instructors 4
2013-11-08 Kids Count Policy Report Stresses the Importance of Early Learning None
2013-11-08 NAEP Assessments Show Modest Gains in Reading and Math None
2013-10-25 U.S. Students Performed Well in International Testing None
2013-10-04 The Government Shutdown Impacts Education Programs None
2013-09-26 Education Week Reviews Impact of Sequestration and a Budget Shutdown None
2013-09-11 PCG Education Begins Strategic Planning Project for CA School District None
2013-08-16 CA High Court Allows Insulin Shots to Be Administered by Unlicensed School Personnel None
2013-08-09 ED Approves the First District-Level NCLB Waiver None
2013-08-02 First “Parent Trigger” School Opens None
2013-07-19 First Grants Awarded for School Turnaround AmeriCorps None
2013-06-28 New OECD Report Shows International Trends in Education 5
2013-06-21 Lenox Public Schools District Awards Strategic Planning Project to PCG Education 5
2013-06-18 Manchester School District Awards CCSS Literacy Project to PCG Education None
2013-06-11 The House Education and Workforce Committee Introduces Its ESEA Reauthorization Bill None
2013-06-07 New Research Reflects Increase in Graduation Rates But Drop-Out Rates Still Too High None
2013-06-06 Senate HELP Committee Introduces New ESEA Reauthorization Bill None
2013-06-03 Report Finds Positive Correlation Between 21st Century Skills and Workplace Performance None
2013-05-23 New Report Addresses Student Data Interoperability None
2013-05-23 ED Approves Three Additional NCLB Waivers None
2013-05-10 ED Announces i3 Scale-Up and Validation Competitions None
2013-04-05 2013 Brown Center Report Explores Three Education Trends None
2013-03-08 AZ Dept of Education Awards Student Assessment System Project to PCG Education 5
2013-03-08 Many NCLB Waiver Recipients Still Await ED’s Approval of Teacher Evaluation Systems None
2013-03-08 Education Secretary Duncan Discusses the Harm Caused by Sequestration None
2013-03-05 PCG Among Partners in Instructional Improvement Project for NC Dept of Public Instruction None
2013-03-01 DOJ Settles Discrimination Complaints Impacting Enrollment and Discipline of ELL Students 5
2013-02-15 OSERS Publishes Its Final Rule on Parental Consent to Bill Medicaid None
2013-01-30 New Poll Shows Most Americans Favor Implementation of ACA Components None
2013-01-25 New NCES Report Addresses High School Graduation and Dropout Rates None
2013-01-25 House Education and the Workforce Committee Outlines Agenda for Education None
2013-01-24 PCG Education Awarded Indiana Statewide Common Core Project None
2013-01-15 Florida Awards RttT Support Contract to PCG Education None
2013-01-11 Congress Acts to Avoid Income Tax Increases But Sequestration Remains a Threat None
2013-01-11 House Passes Bill to Expand Access to Education Records of Students in Foster Care None
2012-12-26 PCG Education white paper explores the use of data from special education management systems to make districtwide instructional improvements. None
2012-12-14 ED announces RTT-D Winners None
2012-12-14 New Studies Reveal U.S. Student Achievement in International Assessments None
2012-11-16 Congress Begins Talks to Avoid Sequestration None
2012-11-16 Public Charter Schools See Growing Market Share None
2012-11-16 371 Applications Submitted for RTT-D Competition None
2012-11-09 CGCS Addresses the Common Core Standards and MTSS None
2012-11-09 New Report Examines Significant Increases in Public School Staffing None
2012-11-08 PCG SME Contributes to Council of Great City Schools Paper None
2012-10-26 New Study Examines Effects of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports None
2012-10-19 NCLB Waiver Recipients Vary Student Proficiency Goals by Subgroups None
2012-10-15 Experts Ponder the Meaning of Increases in Inclusion for Special Education Students None
2012-10-05 FOR Team Awarded Technical Assistance Project for 50 Expanded Learning Time School Sites None
2012-09-17 Tuxedo UFSD Awards Strategic Planning Contract to PCG Education None
2012-09-07 City of Lawrence, MA Awards Special Education Management Contract to PCG Education 5
2012-08-24 Agencies Ponder the Inclusion of ELLs and Students with Disabilities in the NAEP None
2012-08-24 An ACT Report Reviews the College and Career Readiness of the Class of 2012 None
2012-08-17 RTT for School Districts Gets Underway None
2012-08-10 New Data Analysis Highlights Disparities in School Discipline None
2012-08-06 Indiana Posts its Secondary Literacy Framework Developed by PCG Education None
2012-08-03 A New Report Assesses Child Well-Being 5
2012-07-27 CA Court Ruling Supports Parents in a “Parent Trigger” Case None
2012-07-27 New Revenue Opportunities for LEAs under ACA None
2012-07-19 ED Approves Seven More NCLB Waiver Requests None
2012-07-19 CEP Reviews Impact of Education Stimulus on Schools and States None
2012-07-02 Wake County Public Schools Renews Student Success Planning Contract None
2012-07-02 PCG Education Launches Academic Scoring and Reporting Project in Pakistan None
2012-06-22 PCG Education to Provide Special Ed Data System for Connections Schools 5
2012-06-22 Fulton County Schools Awards Instructional Improvement System Contract to PCG Education None
2012-06-22 U.S. Will Halt Deportation of Undocumented Immigrant Students None
2012-06-22 GAO Finds Charter Schools Serve Fewer Students with Disabilities None
2012-06-20 PCG Acquires Focus On Results 5
2012-06-08 Proposed FERPA Amendment Would Help Students in Foster Care None
2012-05-31 ED Announces Approval of Eight New NCLB Waivers None
2012-05-25 NCES Releases Its Annual Report on the Condition of Education None
2012-05-25 ED Proposes Requirements for Its District Level RTT Competition None
2012-05-22 PCG Education to Implement First RtI Module in Massachusetts None
2012-05-18 ED Publishes Report on Progress of EL Programs None
2012-05-18 New Study Examines Academic Impact of Chronic Absenteeism in U.S. Public Schools None
2012-05-11 New Report Examines Children with Disabilities None
2012-04-30 Illinois Law Enforcement Officials Stand Against Preschool Cuts None
2012-04-30 MA Report Paints an Uneven Portrait of Special Education Policy and Practice None
2012-04-20 Race to the Top Winners Are Slow in Spending the Awards None
2012-04-20 Obama Administration Proposes to Transform Career and Technical Education None
2012-04-05 Scottsdale Unified School District Selects PCG Education for Special Education Project None
2012-03-16 OSERS Proposes to Increase Data Collection Requirements for IDEA Part B Funding None
2012-03-09 New Data Highlight Inequities in K-12 Education 5
2012-03-01 More States Apply for NCLB Waivers While Congress Continues Rewrite Efforts None
2012-02-17 Obama Administration Proposes to Expand Competitive Grant Programs None
2012-02-09 New Report Offers Guidance to Improve Accountability for English-Language Learners None
2012-02-09 10 States Will Receive NCLB Flexibility None
2012-01-24 Expert Panel Proposes Changes in Definition of Autism None
2012-01-13 NCLB Rewrite Continues to Stall in Congress While ED Waiver Program Moves Forward None
2012-01-06 Librus to Distribute PCG Special Education Management System in Poland None
2012-01-06 Florida Selects PCG for School Turnaround Project None
2012-01-06 CMS Provides Guidance on Implementing CMS Rule 6028 None
2011-12-09 ED Announces Final FERPA Regulations None
2011-12-08 Making a Difference in Student Achievement Using the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts: What School and District Leaders Need to Know None
2011-12-01 ED Announces Applicants for Race to the Top Round 3 None
2011-11-18 The First NCLB Waivers Requests Are Submitted to ED None
2011-11-11 ED Announces the Finalists in the i3 Competition None
2011-11-11 New Report Focuses on Sexual Harassment at School None
2011-11-08 Assessment of Early Warning Systems to Improve High School Graduation None
2011-10-28 Applicants Vie for Awards in the Second Round of the i3 Competition None
2011-10-20 The Senate’s Proposed Overhaul of NCLB Sparks Controversy over Accountability None
2011-10-07 National Event Highlights High Schools’ Need for Postsecondary Education Data None
2011-10-03 Obama Administration Announces ESEA Flexibility None
2011-10-03 OSERS Invites Comments on Its Proposal to Amend Parental Consent for Medicaid Billing None
2011-09-09 OSERS Proposes to Amend IDEA Parental Consent Frequency Requirement None
2011-08-26 ED and DHHS Release Final RTT-ELC Details None
2011-08-19 Two New Reports Address U.S. Students’ Academic Achievement None
2011-08-15 Obama Administration Moves Forward with NCLB Waiver Plan None
2011-08-15 NCES Report Compares Student Proficiency by State None
2011-08-05 Education Officials Express Concern about Increases in AYP Failures and Decreases in Graduation Rates None
2011-07-29 A New Report Reflects on the Education of Students with Learning Disabilities None
2011-07-25 A New Report Raises Concerns About School Discipline None
2011-07-25 A Controversial Report Finds Flaws in Student Teacher Programs None
2011-07-15 House of Representatives Offers Education Reform Proposals None
2011-07-15 Teachers and Administrators Suspected of Tampering with Student Test Results None
2011-07-08 States Seek to Avoid Compliance with NCLB Pending Congressional Rewrite None
2011-07-08 Criteria Proposed for the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge None
2011-06-27 Questions Raised About NCLB Proposed Waivers and Education Reform 5
2011-06-20 While NCLB Rewrite Lags in Congress, ED Proposes to Waive of Key Provisions None
2011-06-10 ED Launches i3 Round Two Competition None
2011-06-03 New Report Compares U.S. Education to Higher Performing Countries None
2011-06-01 Senate Introduces State Child Welfare Innovations Act None
2011-06-01 ESEA Reauthorization Update None
2011-06-01 Race to the Top Initiatives for FY 2011 None
2011-05-20 National Attention Remains on Bullying and Harassment None
2011-05-20 Tracking Academic Progress of Students in Military Families None
2011-05-13 A Memphis High School Wins President’s 2011 Commencement Challenge None
2011-05-06 2011 National Teacher of the Year Highlights STEM Education None
2011-05-06 Secretary Duncan Has Sharply Increased Waivers of NCLB Requirements None
2011-04-29 New Report Shows an Increase in School Failures to Make AYP None
2011-04-29 SIG Grantees Struggle with School Reform None
2011-04-25 Review of Race to the Top Initiatives None
2011-04-01 Update on Race to the Top None
2011-03-18 The OIG Targets School-Based Medicaid Direct Services and MAC Programs None
2011-03-11 The Education Secretary Urges Congress to Reform Education None
2011-03-11 Federal Education Funding Remains Uncertain None
2011-02-25 Education Stimulus Money Spurs Development of Longitudinal Data Systems None
2011-02-25 Collective Bargaining Rights at Risk for Teachers None
2011-02-18 Federal Education Budget Proposals for Two Fiscal Years Are in Debate None
2011-02-18 Review of ARRA Education Progress after Two Years None
2011-02-04 CMS Final Rule on Medicaid Program Integrity None
2011-01-28 President Obama’s State of the Union Address Reinforces His Education Agenda None
2011-01-28 NAME Releases its 2009 Biennial Survey Trends and Data None
2011-01-28 A New Report Reflects that U.S. Students Lack Proficiency in Science None
2011-01-21 A Report on the Return on Educational Investment None
2011-01-21 New Opportunities for Investing in Innovation Proposals None
2011-01-14 ED Encourages Parent Involvement in School Improvement None
2011-01-14 Race to the Top Grantees Receive Guidance for Amending Reform Plans None
2011-01-07 Update of CMS Proposed Rule CMS 6028-P None
2011-01-07 Education Secretary Sees Hope for Bipartisan Support for Education Reform None
2010-12-16 The House and the Senate Consider Education Funding for FY 2011 None
2010-11-22 CA Supreme Court Upholds Tuition Breaks for Illegal Immigrants 5
2010-11-22 Speculations on the Future of Education Reform under New Congress None
2010-10-28 U. S. Department of Education Provides Guidance on School Bullying None
2010-10-22 President Extends the White House Commitment to Hispanic Education None
2010-10-22 School Discipline and Students’ Civil Rights None
2010-10-15 LEAs Prepare Individual Education Reform Plans for Race to the Top None
2010-10-07 The President Signs a Bill to Eliminate the Term “Mentally Retarded” from Federal Laws None
2010-09-24 The U.S Senate Rejects the DREAM Act None
2010-09-10 Schools’ Role in Health Insurance Enrollment None
2010-08-27 USDE Announces 10 Winners in Second Round of Race to the Top None
2010-08-20 The Impact of the Education Jobs Fund Program on the LEA Budget Crisis None
2010-07-29 Finalists Are Selected for the Second Round in the RTT Competition None
2010-06-28 A Practical Framework for Building a Data-Driven District or School: How a Focus on Data Quality, Capacity, and Culture Supports Data-Driven Action to Improve Student Outcomes 5
2010-06-14 Education Reform Initiatives Are Underway None
2010-06-04 Round Two of the Race to the Top Competition Begins None
2010-05-17 USDE Requirements for parental Consent to Bill Medicaid Burden LEAS None
2010-04-19 Congress Proposes Additional $23 Billion for Education Programs None
2010-02-22 Practical Ideas and Promising Practices for Effective District Response to Instruction/Intervention (RtI) Initiatives: Data Use Issues to Consider None
2010-02-04 PCG's Sue Gamm Authors Disproportionality Book None
2009-12-28 USDE Publishes Its Final Rule for School Improvement Grants None
2009-11-20 Legislative, Regulatory and Program Updates 5
2009-11-17 Child Welfare Training Reimbursement None
2009-11-17 USDE Sets the Final Requirements for the "Race to the Top" Competition None
2009-11-06 CMS Hosts National Children's Health Insurance Summit in Chicago None
2009-11-02 How to Avoid the Perfect Storm None
2009-04-05 Plans are announced to disburse to education programs $48.6 billion in state fiscal stabilization funds None
2009-03-15 The President's Education Plan 5
2009-02-15 The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) releases draft of the changes to the way states report and measure data2 None
2009-02-15 The Economic Stimulis Plan Provides Funding for Education and Protection for School-Based Medicaid Billing None

RSSHealth and Human Services (588)

Date Title Rating
2014-07-07 Federal Court Decision Expected Soon in Challenge to Subsidies Provision of ACA None
2014-06-27 Child Welfare Finance Reform Introduced in Congress None
2014-06-23 Exercise to Employment: Health & Wellness in TANF WTW 5
2014-06-19 CMS Announces Availability of Funding to Support Navigators in Federally-Facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces None
2014-06-19 Report Shows ACA Impact on Affordability, Competition, and Choice None
2014-06-13 DHHS Office Issues 10-Year Framework for Achieving Interoperable Health IT None
2014-06-13 DHHS Announces Additional Funds to Expand Community Health Center Services None
2014-06-13 Reports Show Emerging ACA Impact on Medicaid Enrollments, Hospital Charges, and Payer Mix None
2014-06-06 President's Council Offers Health Systems Engineering Recommendations None
2014-06-06 CMMI Begins Round Two for SIM Grants None
2014-06-06 CMS Broadens Medicare Payment Policies for Certain Skilled Care Treatments None
2014-05-29 HHS Addresses Medicare DME Program Integrity None
2014-05-23 HHS Updates Exchange and Insurance Market Standards for 2015 and Beyond None
2014-05-23 HHS Proposes More Flexibility in Electronic Health Records Rules None
2014-05-23 HHS Finalizes 2015 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Requirements None
2014-05-16 Children’s Bureau Announces Changes to Delivery of Training and Technical Assistance to State and Tribes None
2014-05-16 DHHS Offers Hardship Exemption from Tax Penalty to Certain Individuals None
2014-05-16 HHS Releases Report on Improvements in Hospital Care None
2014-05-16 CMS Proposes Updates to Medicare Payment Rules for Hospitals None
2014-05-16 Uninsured Rate Drops to 13.4 Percent None
2014-05-09 Credit Reports More Accessible to Child Welfare Agencies 3
2014-05-09 $1 Million Appropriation Too Much for Aging Out Youth None
2014-05-09 New Study Measures Importance of Health Coverage 4
2014-05-09 CMS Report Shows Continuing Growth in Medicaid/CHIP Enrollments None
2014-05-09 HHS Releases Report on Exchange Enrollments None
2014-05-02 Bipartisan Support for Preventing Sex Trafficking and Improving Opportunities for Youth in Foster Care Act 5
2014-05-02 The Affordable Care Act and Foster Youth None
2014-05-02 CMS Finalizes FQHC Prospective Payment Rule 1.5
2014-05-02 Virgina Governor Signs Mental Health Reform Legislation into Law None
2014-04-25 Commonwealth Fund Releases Case Studies on Regional Health Improvement None
2014-04-24 NH Medicaid Enhancement Tax Found Unconstitutional None
2014-04-18 CMS Issues Guidance on Medicaid DSH Auditing and Reporting Requirements None
2014-04-18 New York Wins CMS Approval of Medicaid Redesign Plans None
2014-04-11 Covered California Reports QHP Enrollment Surge in March None
2014-04-11 CMS Report Shows February Growth in Medicaid/CHIP Enrollment None
2014-04-04 President Obama Signs H.R. 4302 5
2014-04-04 New Hampshire Agrees to Medicaid Expansion Plan under ACA None
2014-03-28 HHS Finalizes Exchange Rules for 2015 None
2014-03-28 HHS Proposes Revisions to Health Insurance Rules 2
2014-03-27 CMS Issues Letter on Requirements for Increased Provider Offerings by Health Plans in 2015 None
2014-03-14 Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 Legislation Debated None
2014-03-14 ACF Budget Request for FY 2015 None
2014-03-14 HHS Finalizes Rules on State Operated Basic Health Programs None
2014-03-14 HHS Releases Progress Report on Exchanges None
2014-03-07 CMS Report Shows Growth in Medicaid Eligibility Determinations None
2014-02-21 VA Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Dealing with Subsidies Under ACA None
2014-02-21 Covered California Exceeds Enrollment Targets None
2014-02-14 HHS Report Shows Continuing Growth in Exchange Enrollments 1
2014-02-14 Report Outlines State Strategies to Promote Continuity of Care None
2014-02-05 Medicaid Eligibility and FFM Applications None
2014-02-03 PCG Completes Refugee Microenterprise Program in San Diego County None
2014-01-31 Maryland Redesigns All-Payer Cost Containment System 5
2014-01-24 Congress Approves Fiscal Year 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Bill None
2014-01-24 US Supreme Court Refuses Review of Lawsuits Challenging CA Medicaid Provider Cuts None
2014-01-24 New Report Outlines State-Based Strategies to Contain Health Costs 5
2014-01-17 CMS Issues Final Rule Affecting Home and Community-Based Services and Waivers None
2014-01-17 Federal Judge Upholds Subsidies Under ACA None
2014-01-17 HHS Report Shows December Growth in Exchange Enrollments None
2014-01-09 FL DCF to Continue PCG Overpayment Recovery Work None
2014-01-09 IL DCFS Re-Awards SSI and Title II Benefits Contract to PCG Human Services None
2014-01-06 Unselecting a Plan on None
2014-01-06 Oregon Study Shows Uptick in ER Visits Post-Expansion None
2013-12-20 HIX hardship waiver process explained for #HIXAssisters None
2013-12-20 Sen. Grassley Introduces “The Sibling Connection Act” None
2013-12-20 Senate Finance Committee Presents a Markup of The Supporting At-Risk Children Act of 2013 None
2013-12-20 DHHS Announces ACA Funding to Expand Mental Health Services None
2013-12-20 Iowa Wins CMS Approval of Private Insurance Medicaid Expansion None
2013-12-13 DHHS Awards $55.5 Million to Bolster Health Care Workforce None
2013-12-13 HHS Releases New Report on Exchange Enrollments None
2013-12-13 CMS Issues Final Rules on Medicare Payments for Outpatient Services None
2013-12-13 113th Congress Actions on Child Welfare None
2013-11-22 CCIIO Offers New Option for States on ACA Market Reforms None
2013-11-22 HHS Proposes Quality Rating System for Exchange Health Plans None
2013-11-20 WA OFM Selects PCG to Help Streamline Its Eligibility Business Processes None
2013-11-18 DHHS Awards ACA Funds to Expand Access to Care in New Communities None
2013-11-18 HHS Releases First Report on Enrollments in Health Plans Through Exchanges None
2013-11-18 HHS, Labor, and Treasury Update Mental Health Parity Rules 5
2013-11-08 VT Governor Invokes State Law Provision to Extend Health Coverage Until March 31, 2014 Due to Technical Difficulties with State Exchange None
2013-11-08 Commonwealth Fund Issues First Report on Nationwide Consumer Experience with Health Insurance Exchanges None
2013-11-01 CMS Finalizes Additional ACA Program Integrity Rules None
2013-11-01 CMS Offers Additional Flexibility on ACA Individual Mandate None
2013-11-01 California Exchange Reports Operations Data None
2013-11-01 Medicare Part B Premiums for 2014 to Stay Same as 2013, Part D Savings Continue None
2013-10-25 House Committee Holds Hearing on Sex Trafficking of Youth from Foster Care None
2013-10-25 House Unanimously Passes H.R. 3205 Promoting Adoption for Children in Foster Care None
2013-10-25 Ohio Approves Medicaid Expansion None
2013-10-15 LA County Awards Phase 2 Strategic Planning Project to PCG Human Services None
2013-10-11 Report Offers Scorecard on State Health System Performance None
2013-10-04 Arkansas Wins CMS Approval of Private Insurance Medicaid Expansion None
2013-09-27 Sen. Hatch Introduces Youth at Risk Legislation None
2013-09-27 Adoption Incentive Program Expires September 30, 2013 None
2013-09-26 HHS Proposes Rules on State Operated Basic Health Plans None
2013-08-16 CMS Issues Clarification of Income Verification Requirements, for Exchange Subsides None
2013-08-16 CMS Issues Final Rule for FY 2014 Medicare Inpatients Stays in Acute-Care and Long-Term Care Hospitals None
2013-08-09 Ways and Means Committee Introduces Legislation Modifying Adoptions Incentive Program None
2013-08-08 CMS Issues Final Rule for Medicare Payment Rates for SNFs in FY 2014 None
2013-08-08 DHHS Releases Data on ACA Impact by State 5
2013-08-02 CMS Offers Case Studies on State-Based Innovations to Improve Care and Contain Costs None
2013-08-02 NY Agrees on Plan to House Mentally Ill Institutionalized People in Subsidized Apartments None
2013-07-29 Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 Updates None
2013-07-29 Child Sex Trafficking Data and Response Act of 2013 Introduced in House 5
2013-07-29 HHS Finalizes Exchange Consumer Assistance Rule 5
2013-07-25 Federal Lawsuit Filed in FL Accuses State of Wrongfully Keeping Children in Nursing Facilities None
2013-07-12 ACF Receives Early Alert Memorandum Report from Office of Inspector General None
2013-07-11 CMS Issues Proposed Rule for CY 2014 Physician Payment Schedule None
2013-07-11 Potential Congressional Actions Following Delay of Employer Mandate Under ACA None
2013-07-11 HHS Finalizes Rules on Exchange/Medicaid Coordination None
2013-07-11 CMS Finalizes Rule on Exemptions to Individual Mandate None
2013-07-11 Treasury Issues Exchange Reporting Requirements None
2013-07-11 IRS Delays ACA Employer Tax Penalties Until 2015 None
2013-06-27 Update on Medicaid Expansion Battles Across the US None
2013-06-11 Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Experts Speak in Support of Regional Partnership Grants None
2013-06-11 Bipartisan Bills Would Strengthen Reporting and Help Protect Vulnerable Children None
2013-05-24 ACF Updates Child Welfare Policy Manual for Over 18-Year-Olds None
2013-05-24 Congresswoman Amends Immigration Reform Legislation None
2013-05-24 Proposed Regulation Would Improve Safety and Quality of Child Care None
2013-05-23 CMMI Announces $900 Million Funding Opportunity 5
2013-05-21 Tavenner Confirmed to Run CMS None
2013-05-20 State Legislatures Pass Critical Child Welfare Policy in 2013 None
2013-05-10 Ways and Means Committee Holds Hearing on Balancing Safety with Opportunity for Foster Youth None
2013-05-10 Juvenile Justice System Leaders and Families Agree on Family-Driven Approach to Juvenile Justice None
2013-05-03 Administration for Children and Families Releases Instructions and Guidance None
2013-05-03 Bipartisan Support for Immigration Legislation That Impacts Child Welfare None
2013-05-02 Brookings Institution Releases New Report on Bending the Cost Curve None
2013-05-02 Arkansas Enacts Private Insurance Medicaid Expansion Law None
2013-05-02 CMS Issues Proposed Rules on Medicare Payments to Hospitals None
2013-05-02 CMS Issues Guidance on Availability of Enhanced FFP for Medicaid Eligibility Determination Systems None
2013-04-26 Senate Committee Hears Testimony in Support of Adoption Incentive and Family Connections Grants None
2013-04-26 Indian Child Welfare Act Challenged in U.S. Supreme Court 5
2013-04-24 Current Rundown of State Medicaid Expansion Decisions None
2013-04-05 CMS Issues Final Rules on Medicaid Expansion FMAP None
2013-04-05 DHHS Secretary Sebelius Commits to Implement Federal Basic Health Plan Option in 2015 None
2013-03-29 Congress Members Plan Priorities for Legislation in Foster Care and Adoption None
2013-03-29 Legislation Introduced to Provide Legal Representation for Parents None
2013-03-26 PCG to Conduct Intermediate Medicaid Training for HSFo None
2013-03-14 Commission Recommends Physician Payment Reforms None
2013-03-14 New York Penalized for National Youth in Transition Database Reporting Requirements None
2013-03-14 House Committee Approves Workforce Investment Act Reauthorization 2.5
2013-03-14 House Bill Targets ACF Efforts to Provide TANF Waivers None
2013-03-08 House Passes the H.R. 933 and Extends the Continuing Resolution of 2013 from December 31 None
2013-03-08 Ways and Means Committee Pursues Legislation to Standardize Data Across Programs None
2013-03-08 House Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee Introduced TANF Extension Act of 2013 None
2013-03-01 CMMI Announces $289 Million in State Health Care Innovation Awards None
2013-03-01 CMS Issues Final Rule on Health Insurance Market Reforms Under ACA None
2013-03-01 HHS OIG Report Finds Most States Anticipate Implementing Streamlined Eligibility and Enrollment by 2014 None
2013-03-01 Ways and Means Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Increasing Adoptions from Foster Care None
2013-03-01 Two Proposals to Avert Sequestration Fail in the Senate None
2013-02-25 ACF Releases Information Memorandum on Use of TANF for Homelessness None
2013-02-25 State Agencies Bracing for Reductions if Sequestration Occurs March 1 None
2013-02-15 CMS Posts Guidance on Medicaid Expansion FFP Rates None
2013-02-15 CMS Implements Bundled Payments Initiative None
2013-01-30 Kaiser Report Identifies Medicaid Coverage Gaps But Progress with Medicaid Technology Systems None
2013-01-23 PCG Health Helps Client State Obtain Level I Funding for Health Insurance Exchange None
2013-01-15 Arkansas DHS Division Awards CAP Project to PCG Human Services None
2013-01-15 Michigan DHS Awards CAP Project to PCG Human Services None
2013-01-15 PCG Health to Provide Project Management Office for Hawaii Health Connector None
2013-01-11 Fiscal Cliff Legislation Includes One-Year Delay in Medicare Physician Payment Cut None
2012-12-26 HHS Proposes Rules on Health Insurance Market Reform under ACA None
2012-12-26 18 States to Set Up Own Health Exchanges as Deadline Passes None
2012-12-14 Senator John Kerry Crafts Foster Youth Higher Education Opportunities Act 5
2012-12-14 H.R. 6629 – National Child Protection Training Act introduced None
2012-12-14 Ways and Means Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Child Deaths Due to Maltreatment None
2012-12-07 OPM Proposes Rules on Multi-State Health Insurance Plans None
2012-12-07 CMS Proposes Additional Rules on ACA Benefits and Payments None
2012-11-30 OIG Reports on ACF Programs None
2012-11-30 HHS Issues Proposed Rules on Essential Health Benefits None
2012-11-16 ACF Responds to Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on Early Learning Programs None
2012-11-16 NAPH Releases Study on Hospital Uncompensated Care Costs None
2012-11-09 CMS Publishes Final Rule on Medicaid Payments for Primary Care None
2012-11-09 CMS Issues Final Rule Increasing Medicare Payments for Primary Care Physicians in 2013 None
2012-11-01 ACF Schedules Title IV-Eligibility Reviews 5
2012-10-26 Motion Filed in CT Class Action Suit to Prevent Waiver Request to Impose Asset Test in Adult Medicaid Program 4
2012-10-26 Tallying the Costs of Preventable Medical Errors 4
2012-10-26 CMS Loans to CO-OPs Exceed $1.8 Billion None
2012-10-26 ACF Releases First Report from National Youth in Transition Database None
2012-10-24 Nebraska HHS Awards Children and Youth Services Analysis Contract to PCG None
2012-10-15 MA EEC Awards Child Care Provider Rate Survey to PCG Human Services None
2012-10-15 OIG FY 2013 Work Plan for Human Services None
2012-10-15 OIG Releases Audit Work Plan for FY 2013 5
2012-10-15 CMMI Selects Participants to Prevent Hospital Admissions for NF Residents None
2012-10-15 Six Applicants Win $223 Million in ACA Exchange Grants None
2012-10-05 ACF Approves 9 State Waivers and is Challenged on Future Waivers None
2012-09-17 North Carolina Office of Early Learning Awards Contract to PCG Human Services None
2012-09-07 HHS Finalizes Coding Rules None
2012-09-07 CMS Finalizes Rules on Electronic Health Records None
2012-09-07 Eight States Win $765 Million in ACA Exchange Grants None
2012-08-24 CMMI Approves Care Transitions Initiatives None
2012-08-17 CCIIO Finalizes Blueprint for Health Insurance Exchanges None
2012-08-10 Federal Officials Face Huge Task of Operating Health Exchanges in Many States None
2012-08-03 DHHS Releases Report Showing Drops in Foster Care Population None
2012-08-03 MA Legislature Passes Precedent-Setting Health Care Cost Control Bill None
2012-07-27 Integrated Managed Care Model for Dual Eligibles in AZ Reduces Readmissions None
2012-07-27 Tax Credit Issue Under ACA in Federally Affiliated Exchanges None
2012-07-19 CMS Announces $112 Million Grant Opportunity for States None
2012-07-16 DHHS Awards Hospital, Emergency Preparedness Grants None
2012-07-16 Some States Consider Opting Out of Medicaid Expansion after Supreme Court Decision None
2012-06-22 HHS Awards $772 Million in Health Care Innovation Grants None
2012-06-22 MA EOHHS, CMS Request Bids for MA Demonstration Project to Serve Dual-Eligibles None
2012-06-18 A+ PLUS Act Introduced in Congress None
2012-06-18 Facebook App Puts Public inside Foster Care System None
2012-06-18 Report Urges State Agencies to Address Growing Kinship Care Needs None
2012-06-08 HHS Proposes Rules on Qualified Health Plans None
2012-06-08 Federal Agencies Champion Health and Human Services IT Integration None
2012-06-08 Medicaid and Chronic Disease Experts Report to Congress None
2012-06-05 US District Court in Illinois Orders State to Pay for Plaintiff’s Mental Health Care Under EPSDT Program None
2012-06-05 DHHS Announces Funding Opportunity to Support Seniors and People with Disabilities None
2012-06-05 PCG Sponsors Stewards of Change National Symposium None
2012-05-31 Kansas to Launch Health Information Exchange July 1 None
2012-05-31 CMS Approves $628 Million for 7 MA Hospitals as Part of Medicaid Waiver None
2012-05-25 Rhode Island Awards Health Insurance Exchange PMO Project to PCG None
2012-05-25 Florida DCF Awards SAMH Payment Contract to PCG None
2012-05-25 Colorado DBH Awards SUD Treatment Cost Project to PCG None
2012-05-25 DHHS Awards Loans to Nonprofit Co-ops in Nevada and Michigan None
2012-05-25 Medicaid Eligibility Increasing Under ACA None
2012-05-25 States Win $181 Million in Exchange Grants None
2012-05-25 Massachusetts Senate Passes Health Care Financing Reform Bill None
2012-05-18 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Holds That Lack of HIPAA Knowledge Does Not Bar Criminal Conviction None
2012-05-18 CMS Issues Final Rules Aimed at Reducing Regulatory Burden on Health Care Providers None
2012-05-18 PCG to Conduct Internal Controls Review for MA Rehabilitation Commission None
2012-05-11 Settlement in Class-Action Suit for ME Individuals with Long-Term Disabilities None
2012-05-11 DHHS Gives Preliminary Approval to OR Medicaid Demonstration Project None
2012-05-11 HHS Announces Health Care Innovation Awards None
2012-05-11 Massachusetts House Releases Health Care Financing Reform Bill None
2012-05-11 ACF Proposes New Early Care and Education Information Collection None
2012-05-11 Democrat Representatives Introduce Entitlement for Child Care Assistance None
2012-05-11 Foster Children’s Right to Safety and Well-Being Upheld by Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit None
2012-04-30 Special Education Teacher Evaluations Prove Difficult None
2012-04-30 CMS Proposes Rule to Increase Medicare Payment Rates to Hospitals None
2012-04-30 House Continuing Resolution 112 Cuts Programs Aimed at Children and Families None
2012-04-30 Congressional Caucus on Social Work Focuses on Child Welfare None
2012-04-20 New York State Begins Implementing “Health Homes” None
2012-04-20 HHS Proposes Changes in Coding Rules None
2012-04-20 Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation Issues Health Care Reform Report None
2012-04-20 Colorado Launches Coverage of Home-Based Telehealth None
2012-03-30 CMS Finalizes Rules on Reinsurance, Risk Corridors, and Risk Adjustments None
2012-03-30 CMS Finalizes Medicaid/CHIP Eligibility Rules None
2012-03-30 ACA Subjected to Historic 3-Days of Oral Arguments Before U.S. Supreme Court None
2012-03-16 CMS to Test Medicaid Emergency Psychiatric Demonstration None
2012-03-16 HHS Finalizes Rules on Health Insurance Exchanges None
2012-03-09 Obama’s FY 2013 Budget for Human Services None
2012-03-09 Oregon Enacts Care Coordination Legislation None
2012-03-09 OMB Proposes to Streamline Requirements None
2012-03-07 U.S. Labor Dept Announces $12 Million Workforce and Education Grant Program None
2012-03-05 Federal Judge Orders NH Dept of HHS to Follow Federal Procedures for Setting Medicaid Rates None
2012-03-05 New Hampshire Receives Federal Grant for Medicaid Home, Community-Based Care None
2012-03-01 CMS Extends Timeline for Exchange Establishment Grants None
2012-03-01 HHS Releases New Rules on Health Information Technology None
2012-02-27 Federal Grants Will Create Consumer-Driven Health Insurance Plans in 2014 None
2012-02-27 Congress Passes Legislation Extending Medicare Physician Pay Freeze for 10 Months None
2012-02-27 HHS and Treasury Issue Final Rules on Waivers for States None
2012-02-27 HHS Awards $229 Million for Health Insurance Exchanges None
2012-02-17 Brookings Releases Report on Health Information Exchanges None
2012-02-17 HHS, Labor, and Treasury Require Uniform Health Coverage Information None
2012-02-17 President Releases Proposed FY 2013 Budget None
2012-02-16 CMS Denies Florida Proposals for Charges to Medicaid Beneficiaries None
2012-02-13 ACF’s Oversight of State Protocols for Psychotropic Medications for Foster Children is Timely None
2012-02-13 SNAP to Remain a Safety Net None
2012-02-13 Child Welfare Outcome Report to Congress 5
2012-02-09 CMS Rejects California’s Request to Impose Certain Co-Pays in Medi-Cal Program None
2012-02-03 State Legislatures Deal with Child Abuse Reporting None
2012-01-30 CMS Issues Proposed Rule Modifying Uninsured Definition for Determining DSH Payments None
2012-01-30 HHS and USDA Update Guidance on Cost Allocation None
2012-01-30 CBO Issues Report on Care Management and Value-Based Purchasing None
2012-01-26 PCG To Assist State of CA with Health Care Reform Project None
2012-01-19 ACF Requests Comments on Reporting Improper Payments Regarding CCDF Funds None
2012-01-19 ACF Announces Tribal Consultation Meetings on the Title IV-E Program None
2012-01-19 ACF Seeks Comments on State Court Improvement Program None
2012-01-19 ACF Issues Interim Final Rule for Tribal Child Welfare None
2012-01-13 CA Federal Judge Blocks Medicaid Rate Cuts None
2012-01-13 States Awarded Bonuses for High CHIP Enrollments None
2012-01-13 OH Submits Draft Proposal to CMS to Create Medicaid “Health Homes” None
2012-01-13 Georgia Selects PCG for Community-Based Rates Study None
2012-01-12 Ohio Launches Initiative on Health Care Payment Reform None
2012-01-12 Massachusetts Wins Approval of Delivery System Transformation Initiatives None
2012-01-11 Child and Family Services Improvement Innovation Act None
2012-01-06 Hawaii Awards 2nd Health Care Reform Project to PCG 5
2012-01-06 HHS Announces Opportunity to Comment on Essential Health Benefits Options None
2012-01-06 CMS Approves First Group of Pioneer ACOs None
2012-01-06 Applications Due for Independence at Home Initiative None
2012-01-05 Alaska Awards Health Benefit Exchange Planning Project to PCG None
2011-12-15 CMS Finalizes CO-OP Rules None
2011-12-15 Texas Wins Approval of Healthcare Transformation Waivers None
2011-12-15 ACF Program Instruction Requires State Plan Revisions, Addresses Title IV-E Adoption Assistance None
2011-12-15 ACF Releases CCDF-Specific Guidance to Transparency Act Requirements None
2011-12-15 TANF Pending Reauthorization in H.R. Bill 3630 None
2011-12-09 CMS Issues Final Rules on Provider Performance Data None
2011-12-01 OIG Provides Congress with Semiannual Report None
2011-12-01 Senate Committee Announces Hearing on Child Abuse None
2011-12-01 President Signs Law to ‘Fix’ Medicaid Subsidy Expansion Contained in ACA None
2011-12-01 CCIIO Awards $220 Million for Health Insurance Exchanges None
2011-12-01 Rhode Island Wins Approval of Health Home Programs None
2011-11-18 Study Demonstrates Value of Coordination of Care for Patients with Complex Health Needs None
2011-11-18 CMS Announces $1 Billion Health Care Innovation Challenge None
2011-11-18 Grants Announced for Hiring Health Care Workers and Delivering Cost-Effective Medical Services None
2011-11-18 US Supreme Court Agrees to Take Up Constitutionality of ACA None
2011-11-11 States, CMS Forge Ahead on “Health Home” Service Coordination Initiatives None
2011-11-11 CMS Approves Rate Cuts in CA Medi-Cal (Medicaid) Program None
2011-11-11 Another Fed Appeals Court Upholds Mandate in ACA None
2011-11-11 Standard Data and Technology Advancement (DATA) Act Introduced in Congress None
2011-11-11 Foster Children Opportunity Act None
2011-11-07 States Thwarted in Latest Attempt to Recoup $4.3 Billion in Erroneous Medicaid Payments None
2011-11-07 Medicare 2012 Physician Payment Cut Slightly Less Than Thought But Still Substantial None
2011-11-07 ACF Updates CWPM on Guardianship Assistance Program None
2011-11-07 Strengthening Vulnerable Families and Communities None
2011-11-07 Ways and Means Committee Holds Hearing on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Children None
2011-10-28 CMS Releases Final ACO Rules None
2011-10-21 HHS Suspends CLASS Implementation None
2011-10-21 Legislation for Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Care Children None
2011-10-18 OIG Releases FY 2012 Audit Work Plan None
2011-10-18 States Demonstrate Strong Interest in New Pilot Programs for Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligibles None
2011-10-18 Institute of Medicine Releases Report on Benefits Design under Health Care Reform None
2011-10-07 House and Senate Introduce Versions of Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs 5
2011-10-07 ACF, Children’s Bureau Updates Child Welfare Policy Manual None
2011-10-07 U.S. Supreme Court Hears Challenge to CA’s Medicaid Cuts None
2011-10-03 CMS Issues Final Rule on Medicaid Recovery Audit Contractor Program None
2011-10-03 U.S. Supreme Court Requested to Review Challenge to Health Care Reform Law None
2011-10-03 CMS and HCCI Announce Data Systems Supporting Analysis and Innovation None
2011-10-03 CCIIO Outlines Health Exchange Partnership Options None
2011-10-03 Obama Proposes Medicare and Medicaid Cuts in Deficit Reduction Plan None
2011-09-26 DHHS Provides Grants to Help States Conduct Insurance Rate Reviews None
2011-09-26 Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act Nears Enactment None
2011-09-09 CMS Launches Bundled Payments Initiative None
2011-09-09 Federal Agencies Promote Eligibility Coordination None
2011-09-09 US DHHS Announces $137 Million in Public Health Grants None
2011-09-09 Promoting Accountability and Excellence in Child Welfare Act None
2011-09-09 Subcommittee Hears Proposals to Improve TANF Goals None
2011-08-26 DHHS Continues to Award Funds to States to Create HIEs None
2011-08-26 CMS Releases Proposed Medicaid/CHIP Eligibility Redesign None
2011-08-19 Congressman Langevin Seeks Protection for Foster Children from Identity Theft None
2011-08-19 Appeals Court Panel Holds Health Care Law Mandate Unconstitutional None
2011-08-15 Promoting Accountability and Excellence in Child Welfare Act of 2011 None
2011-08-15 Child and Family Services Extension & Enhancement Act Introduced None
2011-08-15 Debt Ceiling Agreement Poses Potential Cuts to Medicare Program None
2011-08-15 US Supreme Court to Hear Case on Medicaid Reimbursement Rate Cutbacks None
2011-08-15 HRSA Awards Community Access Grants None
2011-08-15 CMS Announces IMD Demonstration Project Opportunity None
2011-08-15 New York Launches Health Homes Initiatives None
2011-08-05 CMS Finalizes FY 2012 Medicare Payment Rules None
2011-07-29 DHHS Grants IA, KY Health Care Insurers Added Time to Meet MLR Rule None
2011-07-29 GAO Releases Report on Health Policy Research None
2011-07-25 CMS Issues Rules on Stability of Premiums None
2011-07-25 CMS Releases CO-OP Rules None
2011-07-25 ACF Announces $150 million Grants for Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage None
2011-07-25 ACF Seeks Extension of Regional Partnership Grant Program Data Collection None
2011-07-25 ACF Requests Comments on Evaluation of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention None
2011-07-25 ACF Seeks Comments on Data Collection for LIHEAP Household Report None
2011-07-25 ACF Publishes Program Instructions on APD Waiver Process None
2011-07-15 H.R. 2277 Would Extend TANF Supplemental Grants beyond July 1, 2011 None
2011-07-15 ACF NCANDS Data Insufficiently Reports Child Deaths None
2011-07-15 CMS Releases Guidelines on Integrating Care for Medicare/Medicaid Recipients None
2011-07-15 CMS Issues Rules on Health Insurance Exchanges None
2011-07-12 CMS Issues Proposed Payment Updates and Policy Changes for hospital Outpatient None
2011-07-12 CMA Issues Proposed Physician Payment Rule With 29.5% Medicare Rate Cut Per Current Law. None
2011-07-08 First US Court of Appeals Decision Upholds Mandate in Health Care Law None
2011-07-08 DHHS Adopts Operating Rules for 2 HIPAA Transactions that Could Save $12 Billion None
2011-07-08 CMS Issues Guidelines on Smoking Cessation Services None
2011-07-08 Oregon Enacts Health Care Transformation Legislation None
2011-06-27 ACF Speaks on Behalf of Early Childhood Funding None
2011-06-27 Grassley Introduces Bill to Amend Title IV-B of Social Security Act None
2011-06-20 Ways and Means Committee Hears Testimony on Reauthorization of Title IV-B, subparts 1 and 2 None
2011-06-20 ACF Request comments on State Court Improvement Program Application Process None
2011-06-20 ACF Releases Multiple Funding Announcements None
2011-06-20 AZ, TX, NJ Proposals Seek to Lower Medicaid Budget with Impact on Eligibility None
2011-06-20 CMS Proposes CMHC Certification Requirements None
2011-06-20 AoA Announces Competitive Grant Opportunities None
2011-06-20 State of Washington Consolidates Health Care Purchasing 5
2011-06-10 Nevada Passes Legislation Creating Health Insurance Exchange None
2011-06-10 CDC Announces Grant Opportunity for Public Health Departments None
2011-06-10 CMS and HRSA Launch Medical Home Demonstration None
2011-06-10 CMS Issues Proposed Rule on Provider Performance Data None
2011-06-10 US Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta Hears Oral Arguments in Health Care Law Mandate Challenge Lawsuit None
2011-06-09 New Jersey Proposes Comprehensive Medicaid/CHIP Demonstration Waiver None
2011-06-09 Ohio Proposes Medicaid Reforms None
2011-06-09 California Implements “Bridge to Reform” Waiver None
2011-06-09 CMS Releases Rules Restricting Medicaid Payments None
2011-06-03 CMS Issues Proposed Rule Aligning Medicare eRX Incentive Program with EHR Incentive Payments Program None
2011-06-03 FL TANF Recipients to Be Drug Screened by Law 5
2011-06-03 Senate Bill (S. 961) Prohibits States from Keeping Children’s Benefits None
2011-06-03 Lewis Introduces Legislation to Eliminate Eligibility for Title IV-E Foster Care to be Linked with AFDC None
2011-06-03 House Version to Renew Authority for State Child Welfare Demonstration Programs Passes None
2011-06-01 Vermont Enacts Health Care Reform Legislation None
2011-06-01 Three States Win Exchange Establishment Grants None
2011-05-20 Colorado Passes Health Benefits Exchange Legislation 4
2011-05-20 Washington State Enacts ACA Legislation, Designs Medicaid Reforms None
2011-05-20 HHS Announces Availability of Community Transformation Grants None
2011-05-20 CMS Launches Pioneer ACO Project None
2011-05-20 Update on Health Care Law Challenges in U.S. Court of Appeal None
2011-05-20 Findings in GA Title IV-E Report Consistent with Other State Audits None
2011-05-20 House Appropriation Committee Drafts Significant Reductions to Discretionary Grants to States None
2011-05-20 Former Secretary of FL DCF To Lead ACF None
2011-05-13 Health Care Reform Law Challenges Reach U.S. Court of Appeal None
2011-05-13 ACF Releases Updates to Child Welfare Policy Manual None
2011-05-13 UCLA Releases Reports on Health Care Reform None
2011-05-13 CMS Proposes Rules on Medicaid Rate Reviews None
2011-05-13 Florida Passes Medicaid Managed Care Legislation None
2011-05-06 CMS Finalizes Rules on Value-Based Purchasing None
2011-05-06 DHHS OIG Issues Adoption Assistance Audit for the State of Tennessee None
2011-05-06 ACF Releases Program Instruction for Required Annual Progress and Service Report None
2011-05-06 CMS Issues Final Rule on Medicare Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Payments None
2011-04-29 CMS Proposes Pay-for-Reporting Rules for Rehabilitation Hospitals None
2011-04-29 Texas Senate Approves Pay-for-Performance Legislation None
2011-04-25 ACF Requests Comments for OMB Review None
2011-04-25 House Adopts FFY 2012 Budget Resolution None
2011-04-25 President Signs Defense Dept and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011 (P.L. 112-110) None
2011-04-25 Senate Considers Legislation that Removes Senate Confirmation for Top Jobs None
2011-04-25 CMS Finalizes MMIS Rules None
2011-04-25 CMS Releases Proposed HCBS Rules None
2011-04-25 Fifteen States Win Grants to Design Integrated Care Models None
2011-04-15 ACF Requests Comments on Child and Family Services Plan 4
2011-04-15 ACF Requests Comments, Announces Consultation Meetings on CFSR Process None
2011-04-15 Human Services Program Cuts for FY 2011 None
2011-04-15 DHHS Initiative to Reduce Medical Errors and Cut Costs None
2011-04-15 CalPERS ACO Achieving $15.5 Million in Savings None
2011-04-15 CMS Announces $500 Million for Care Transition Services None
2011-04-01 CMS Releases Proposed ACO Rules None
2011-04-01 New Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment Rules Designed to Protect Against Fraud None
2011-04-01 CMS Finalizes Revisions to CMP Rules for Nursing Homes None
2011-04-01 H.R. 1167: Welfare Reform Act of 2011 None
2011-04-01 Congress Continuing Resolutions Create Stopgap Budget Measures None
2011-04-01 Child Welfare Financing Reform Hiccup But Title IV-E Waivers May Survive None
2011-03-18 Report Urges Congress to Support Foster Children Self-Support Act and Identity Theft None
2011-03-18 112th Congress Examines Renewing ACF Waiver Authority None
2011-03-18 HHS and Treasury Department Release Proposed Rules on ACA Waivers for State Innovation None
2011-03-11 Child Welfare Policy Manual Addresses Questions on Guardianship Assistance Payments None
2011-03-11 Foster Care Mentor Act of 2011 None
2011-03-11 ACF Programs Considered on the Chopping Block with Congress’ Short-Term Continuing Resolution None
2011-03-11 Minnesota Medicaid Transition to Generate $1.1 Billion Over Two Years None
2011-03-11 Illinois Releases Health Care Reform Analysis and Recommendations None
2011-03-04 Children’s Bureau Offers CWPM Q&A None
2011-03-04 New York Considers Medicaid Redesign Recommendations None
2011-03-04 CMS Announces $100 Million for Health Incentives in Medicaid None
2011-02-25 Massachusetts Considers Payment and Delivery System Reform Legislation None
2011-02-25 CMS Releases Proposed Rules on Community First Choice Option None
2011-02-25 New Federal District Court Decision Rejecting Challenge to Individual Mandate None
2011-02-25 DHHS Announces MFP Grants to Help Medicaid Beneficiaries Remain in Their Homes None
2011-02-18 ACF Programs Provide Policy Instructions for Implementing Public Law 111-312 None
2011-02-18 States Win $241 Million in Early Innovator Grants None
2011-02-18 President Releases Proposed FY 2012 Budget None
2011-02-11 Office of Child Care Publishes State Plan for Public Comment None
2011-02-11 Legislation Creates Free Lunch Program for Foster & Kinship Children None
2011-02-11 OIG Issues Findings on County Administered System in Ohio None
2011-02-11 HHS Announces Availability of $750 Million for Public Health Initiatives None
2011-02-04 DAB Decision Reverses ACF Disallowance Against Michigan None
2011-02-04 OIG Releases 2011 Implementation and Work Plan None
2011-02-04 California Superior Court Rules Relative Caregivers Funding for Delinquent Youth None
2011-02-04 FL Federal Judge Declares Health Care Law Unconstitutional None
2011-02-04 CMS Final Rules on Program Integrity Create Opportunities and Challenges for States None
2011-01-28 Illinois Enacts Medicaid Reform Law None
2011-01-21 Office of Child Care Releases Policy Interpretation Question (PIQ) None
2011-01-21 CAPTA Reauthorization Act of 2010 None
2011-01-21 New York Launches Medicaid Redesign Campaign None
2011-01-14 CMS Releases Proposed Rule on Value-Based Purchasing None
2011-01-14 Federal Register Notice for Public Comments None
2011-01-14 SACWIS Guidance Provided None
2011-01-07 TANF Reauthorization None
2011-01-07 U.S. Census Bureau Releases Initial Results None
2011-01-07 DHHS Announces Bonuses for Expanded Enrollment of Children in Medicaid None
2011-01-07 DHHS Issues Proposed Rule to Regulate Health Insurance Rate Increases None
2011-01-07 President Signs One-Year Delay of Medicare Physician Pay Cuts None
2011-01-07 11 States Launch Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Programs None
2011-01-07 State of Washington Wins Federal Approval of Medicaid Expansion None
2011-01-05 Building the Infrastructure for a New York Health Benefit Exchange: Key Decisions for State Policymakers None
2010-12-16 HHS Releases New Report on Individuals with Complex Medical Needs None
2010-12-14 Federal District Court Judge in Virginia Holds Health Law Mandate Provision Unconstitutional None
2010-12-09 CMS, MedPAC, and National Debt Commission Promote Medicare/Medicaid Innovation None
2010-12-07 Children's Bureau Releases New Title IV-E Reporting Form (CB 496) None
2010-11-22 TANF Releases Program Instruction on Contingency Fund for FY 2011 and FY2012 None
2010-11-22 Title IV-E Waiver vs. Child Welfare Finance Reform None
2010-11-22 CMS Publishes Proposed Medicaid RAC Rules None
2010-11-22 CMS Releases Guidance on Health Homes None
2010-11-12 CMS Announces Cut in Physician Reimbursement Rates Under Final Medicare Fee Schedule Rule None
2010-11-01 DHHS Announces IT Grant Competition to Help States Establish Exchanges None
2010-10-28 New Physician-Owned Hospitals Must Meet Dec 31 Medicare Certification Deadline None
2010-10-28 New York Presents Health Information Plan to HHS None
2010-10-28 HHS Announces Availability of Primary Care Grants None
2010-10-22 FL Federal Judge Allows Challenge to Health Care Law to Move Forward None
2010-10-22 Maryland Launches Health Information Exchange None
2010-10-22 Georgia Reaches Deinstitutionalization Agreement None
2010-10-15 California Legislation Advances Health Care Reform None
2010-10-15 HHS OIG Proposes New Projects for ACF Programs None
2010-10-15 ACF Announces new Office of Child Care None
2010-10-12 DHHS OIG Issues 2011 Work Plan None
2010-10-12 DHHS Announces $727 Million Awards for Community Clinics None
2010-10-12 U.S. Court in MI Upholds Health Care Reform Law None
2010-10-08 US DHHS Announces Plans to Reshape and Raise Quality of Head Start Programs None
2010-10-05 IL Federal Judge Issues Order Decreasing Number of Mentally Ill in Nursing Homes None
2010-10-05 Obama Administration Agrees to Provide Increased Funding for MA Hospitals as Part of Medicaid Waiver Negotiations None
2010-10-05 Recent Federal Laws Upgrading Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Illnesses and Substance Abuse None
2010-10-05 Health Insurance Exchanges: Key Issues for State Implementation None
2010-10-04 Renewal of Title IV-E Demonstration Waivers (HR 6156) Passes The House None
2010-10-04 TANF Emergency Fund Expires None
2010-10-01 HHS Awards Planning Grants for Health Insurance Exchanges None
2010-09-30 Washington State Advances ACO Model None
2010-09-30 Virginia Inaugurates Health Care Reform Task Forces None
2010-09-30 HHS Announces Grants to State and Local Organizations None
2010-09-24 Legislation Introduced to Renew for Demonstration Projects in State Child Welfare Systems None
2010-09-24 CMS Releases Program Integrity Rules None
2010-09-24 Senate Finance Committee Considers Effectiveness of TANF Program None
2010-09-22 CMS Proposes Transparency and Public Notice Procedures for Medicaid and CHIP Demonstration under Section 1115 of SS Act None
2010-09-17 Late Effort to Save TANF Emergency Fund None
2010-09-16 Children’s Bureau Awards $39 million to 38 states and Puerto Rico for Increased Adoptions None
2010-09-16 14 Days Before TANF Emergency Fund Expires None
2010-09-16 Illinois Advances Integrated Health Care Program None
2010-09-16 New York Awards $109 Million for Health IT None
2010-09-16 Federal Judge Expected to Allow Legal Challenge of Health Care Law to Advance in FL Lawsuit None
2010-09-10 CMS Head Berwick Moving on Model Health Care Test Sites None
2010-08-27 California Passes State Health Exchange Legislation None
2010-08-27 CBO Says Reform Law Will Reduce Projected Budget Deficits by $179 BLN Over Next Decade None
2010-08-20 When Do MEPA Regulations Apply? None
2010-08-19 CMS Releases New Guidelines to State Medicaid Agencies on Health IT None
2010-08-19 CMS Issues Final Rules on Medicare Payments to Hospitals in FY 2011 None
2010-08-19 HHS Awards Grants to Upgrade State Reviews of Health Insurance Premium Increases None
2010-08-17 CMS Issues Final Rule Implementing Upgrades to Payment Error Rate Measurement None
2010-08-17 20 States File Breif in Florida Court Urging Court Not to Dismiss Challenge to Healthcare Reform law None
2010-08-13 HHS Offers $250 Million in Competitive Grants to Create New Primary Care Sites None
2010-08-13 Education, Jobs, and Medicaid Assistance Act Impact on Children and Families None
2010-08-13 Ways and Means Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Foster Care Waivers None
2010-08-13 Child Welfare Financing Reform None
2010-08-11 FMAP Extension Passes But State Medicaid Agencies Still Under Pressure None
2010-08-02 DHHS Issues Rules On Temporary High-Risk Pools fFor Individuals With Pre-Existing Conditions None
2010-08-02 Administration Says Insurers May Establish Open Enrollment Period For Children With Pre-Existing Conditions None
2010-07-30 CMS Releases Bundled Payment and Value-Based Purchasing Rules None
2010-07-30 CMS Seeks Applications from States for $2.25 Billion in Money Follows the Person Grants None
2010-07-30 HHS Announces $51 Million in Planning Grants for Health Insurance Exchanges None
2010-07-30 HHS Offers Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 None
2010-07-30 ACF Requests Public Comment on Redesign of SACWIS Requirements None
2010-07-30 Senate to Debate Extension of FMAP Before the Summer Recess None
2010-07-26 Administration Announces New Rules for Consumers to Appeal Health Claim Denials None
2010-07-23 Wisconsin Releases HITECH Plan None
2010-07-23 New Mexico Health Care Reform Task Force Outlines Recommendations None
2010-07-23 New York Announces Additional State Health IT Funding None
2010-07-23 CMS Issues Notice of Medicare 2011 Prospective Payments for Skilled Nursing Facilities 4
2010-07-23 Affordable Care Act Initial Funding for Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Grants None
2010-07-15 CMS Issues Guidance on Translation Assistance None
2010-07-15 CMS Enhances Hospital Comparison Data 4
2010-07-15 Arguments Begin in Virginia's Lawsuit Challenging Health Care Reform Law None
2010-07-15 CMS Issues Proposed Rule to Cut Medicare Physician Reimbursement by 6.1% in Jan 2011 None
2010-07-02 Federal Agencies Issue Rules on Patients' Rights None
2010-07-02 CMS Issues Proposed Medicare Payment Rules for CY 2011 None
2010-07-02 HHS and States Implement High Risk Pools None
2010-07-02 Child Welfare League of America Announces Funds for Child & Family Programs None
2010-07-02 FMAP Extension for Medicaid and Title IV-E Foster Care, Guardianship and Adoption Assistance Appears Doomed None
2010-06-24 CMS Unveils New Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program None
2010-06-24 Role of HRSA Within DHHS in Health Reform Legislation None
2010-06-24 Patient Protection Act and Youth Aging Out of Foster Care None
2010-06-23 HHS Announces Health Reform Grant Opportunities and Awards None
2010-06-23 HELP Subcommittee Examines "State of the American Child" None
2010-06-14 Colorado Enacts Legislation to Improve Health Care Quality, Efficiency, and Access None
2010-06-14 Pennsylvania Takes Steps to Implement Health Care Reform None
2010-06-14 HHS Announces Grant Opportunities for Health Insurance Rate Reviews None
2010-06-04 HHS Encourages States to Participate in Multi-Payer Medical Home Demonstration None
2010-06-04 New York Announces Health Care Reform Leadership Group None
2010-06-04 New York Announces Health Care Reform Leadership Group None
2010-06-04 California Takes Legislative Action to Implement Federal Health Reform Law None
2010-05-18 HHS Publishes Rules Implementing Health Care Reform None
2010-05-18 States Elect High Risk Pool Options None
2010-05-18 CMS Awards $9 Million in Matching Funds to 4 States for Medicaid IT Programs None
2010-05-18 Child Care Funding and Utilization in the News None
2010-05-18 Fostering Success in Education Act (S. 2801) None
2010-04-19 States Analyze High Risk Pool Options None
2010-04-19 States Consider CMS Guidelines on Immediate Medicaid Expansion None
2010-04-13 Governors Take Action on Federal Health Care Reform Law None
2010-03-29 President Obama Signs Health Reform Bill into Law None
2010-03-09 Oregon to expand Health Coverage for Former Foster Youth None
2010-03-09 Federal Court Orders California to Cover Foster Care Costs None
2010-03-09 Child Welfare - State and Federal Landscape None
2010-03-09 CMS Announces Medicaid Health IT Planning Awards to Twelve States None
2010-02-26 New Legal Analysis Provides $4.3 Billion in Fiscal Relief for States None
2010-02-09 ACF Updates the Child Welfare Policy Manual - Independent Living None
2010-02-09 President's 2011 Budget for ACF None
2010-02-09 FFY 2011 Health Budget Overview None
2010-02-04 CMS Announces New Medicare/Medicaid Demonstration Projects None
2010-01-15 The Urban Institute - Public Expenditures on Children through 2008 None
2010-01-15 Anticipated Changes to Guardianship Assistance Program None
2010-01-15 CMS Publishes New Rules on Medicaid Payment Incentives None
2010-01-12 Senate Passes Health Care Reform Bill None
2010-01-12 HHS Publishes Health Information Technology Rules None
2009-12-28 Senate Healthcare Bill Faces Several Hurdles None
2009-12-28 Department Appeals Board Reverses ACF Penalty for Child and Family Services Review None
2009-12-10 CMS Withdraws Proposed Rule for Rehab Option None
2009-12-10 Pressures Mounting for State Child Welfare Agencies None
2009-12-10 The Full Senate Begins to Debate Health Care Reform None
2009-11-20 New Study on Massachusetts Health Care Reform None
2009-11-18 Top 10 Things to Know as you submit your Planning APD for HIT Planning None
2009-11-17 House Passes Health Care Reform Legislation None
2009-11-06 Congressional Watch None
2009-11-06 States' Roles in Federal Health Care Reform None
2009-11-06 House Democrats Unveil $894 Billion Healthcare Reform Package None

RSSInternational (5)

Date Title Rating
2013-09-10 City of Lodz Awards EU-Funded Contract to PCG None
2013-06-03 UK Government Approves PCG for IT Master Services Agreement 5
2013-01-15 PCG Advisory Services Awarded Social Care Project for Cambridgeshire County Council None
2012-07-02 PCG Education Launches Academic Scoring and Reporting Project in Pakistan None
2012-01-06 Librus to Distribute PCG Special Education Management System in Poland None

RSSPublic Partnerships (10)

Date Title Rating
2014-01-31 PCG Public Partnerships mentioned in Colorado Press None
2014-01-17 PPL Program Participant Discusses Consumer Direction None
2013-12-11 MD DHMH Awards Fiscal Management Services Contract to PPL for Self-Directed Care Programs None
2013-11-08 New PPL Project Cited in Client Press Release None
2013-08-23 Public Partnerships Office Artwork Featured None
2013-07-09 Public Partnerships Reaching Out to Participants and Workers with Incomplete Payroll Information None
2013-04-26 PPL's Crisis Continuity Plans Succeed During Boston Lockdown None
2012-11-07 PPL to Provide Financial Management Services for Participant-Directed Programs in Pennsylvania None
2012-04-05 Ohio Selects PCG Public Partnerships to Conduct Statewide Training for Waiver Program None
2010-03-29 President Obama Signs Health Reform Bill into Law None

RSSTechnology Consulting (23)

Date Title Rating
2014-04-15 PCG Acquires Hubbert Systems Consulting 2
2014-01-09 CA DHCS Awards Operations and Maintenance Planning Project to PCG TC 5
2013-10-15 Juneau Selects PCG Technology Consulting for IT Strategic Plan 5
2013-09-26 MT DPHHS Awards Affordable Care Act IV&V Project to PCG Technology Consulting None
2013-09-24 CalHFA Awards Application Development Project to PCG Technology Consulting None
2013-09-10 Texas DSHS Awards Contract to PCG Technology Consulting None
2013-06-18 CA DSH Awards Senior Project Management Services Contract to PCG Technology Consulting 5
2013-06-18 CA Franchise Tax Board Awards ASM Assessment Project to PCG Technology Consulting None
2013-06-18 State of Maryland Awards IT Master Services Agreement to PCG Technology Consulting None
2013-06-03 UK Government Approves PCG for IT Master Services Agreement 5
2013-06-03 MA Ethics Commission Awards Contract to PCG Technology Consulting None
2013-05-21 Franklin County Ohio Awards Database RFP Project to PCG Technology Consulting None
2013-03-15 PCG Technology Consulting Awarded IV&V Work for CA Dept of State Hospitals None
2013-03-11 PCG Technology Consulting to Provide IV&V Services for Georgia DBHDD and GTA 5
2013-02-15 City of Tulsa Awards IT Review Contract to PCG Technology Consulting 5
2012-11-09 CA Department of Finance Awards IV&V for FI$Cal to PCG Technology Consulting 5
2012-11-02 CA DHCS Awards IT Project Planning Contract to PCG Technology Consulting 5
2012-09-18 Nevada Exchange Selects PCG Technology Consulting for IV&V of Business Operations Solution 5
2012-09-17 Sacramento County Sheriff Dept Awards Procurement Support Contract to PCG Technology Consulting None
2012-05-11 Iowa Awards IV&V Project to PCG Technology Consulting 5
2012-05-08 LAUSD Selects PCG Technology Consulting for PMO None
2012-02-24 State of Georgia Awards IV&V Project to PCG Technology Consulting None
2012-02-17 CA Dept of Transportation Selects PCG TC for IV&V None

Uncategorized (11)

Date Title Rating
2014-04-25 SAMHSA Releases “Now is the Time” Healthy Transitions (HT) Grant None
2013-09-23 New PCG Education White Paper | Universal Design for Learning and the Common Core ELA Standards: 5
2013-01-30 Kaiser Report Identifies Medicaid Coverage Gaps But Progress with Medicaid Technology Systems None
2013-01-18 PCG Advisory Services to Perform Business Process Review for Sandwell Council None
2013-01-18 Missouri Awards Early Childhood Resources Study to PCG Human Services None
2012-12-26 Bipartisan Support for “Protect our Kids Act of 2012” Passes in the House None
2011-04-25 Senate Considers Legislation that Removes Senate Confirmation for Top Jobs None
2011-01-07 DHHS Announces Bonuses for Expanded Enrollment of Children in Medicaid None
2010-06-23 H.R. 4213 Gets Overhaul in the Senate None
2010-06-23 H.R. 4213 Gets Overhaul in the Senate None
2010-06-04 New York Announces Health Care Reform Leadership Group None


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