Public Partnerships Reaching Out to Participants and Workers with Incomplete Payroll Information

PPL has been working for months with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, program participants and direct care workers to help them come into compliance with the rules as established by the Department’s Office of Long Term Living and the federal government. Due to this outreach, most people in the program are not at risk of an interruption in their pay. However, PPL urges anyone who may be affected to comply with the rules so all workers can receive their appropriate pay for the care they provide to participants in the program. The program rules are important to assure that public Medicaid dollars are spent properly and to ensure full Medicaid funding. [More]

PPL to Provide Financial Management Services for Participant-Directed Programs in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA, November 7, 2012 - Public Consulting Group’s Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) was selected through a competitive bid process to provide financial management services for the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s (DPW) statewide participant-directed programs. PPL is a nationally renowned expert firm in delivering financial management services to populations living at home in 22 state programs in the U.S. Public Consulting Group, a national management consulting firm with offices in Harrisburg, has been working in Pennsylvania for 15 years. Initially, PCG worked with twenty counties, helping them implement the Health Choices program, starting in 1998. [More]

Ohio Selects PCG Public Partnerships to Conduct Statewide Training for Waiver Program

Boston, MA, April, 2012 – The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has selected PCG Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) to design and conduct statewide training, including national best practices for support brokers and other stakeholders involved in the state’s Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF) waiver program. This represents PPL’s first project in Ohio. PPL supports consumer self direction programs in 20 other states. More information is available at [More]