HELP Subcommittee Examines "State of the American Child"


Early in June, the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Senate Subcommittee on Children and Families held the first of several hearings to be convened on the "State of the American Child."  The panelists included:  Alma Powell, Chair of the America's Promise Alliance;  Jack Lund, President and CEOO of YMCA of Greater New York; Harry Holzer, professor and economist at Georgetown University; and Elaine Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Connecticut Commission on Children. The panelists provided to the committee with a view of how children have fared with the economic downturn and the influx of huge amounts of federal dollars to support families and children. The panelists identified numerous challenges facing families as they try to maintain the family unit and survive without intervention from the child welfare agency.  Some of the recommendations offered to assist families and their children included increasing social service programs, creating jobs, providing work supports such as more accessible child care, offering greater access to GED and job training programs. While some state successes can be cited, the panelists' grave concern is that the fate of the American child is unknown for many families, particularly with the end of Recovery funds as early as September of this year and June of the next. 



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