Ohio Launches Initiative on Health Care Payment Reform


Governor John Kasich’s Office of Health Transformation announced on January 9 that it is launching an initiative in partnership with Ohio stakeholders to change Ohio’s public and private health care business models from those based on volume of services to those based on value and performance. As part of that effort, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services announced that Ohio’s Medicaid program is considering, in order to more effectively drive reforms in Ohio’s health care delivery system, pay-for-performance standards aligned with those of other major health care purchasers such as the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), GE, Xerox, 3M, FedEx, and eBay. The Department’s Office of Ohio Health Plans announced on January 11 that it has incorporated widely used incentive models developed by the Catalyst for Payment Reform (an independent, non-profit organization) in a Request for Applications (RFA) for state Medicaid contracts with managed care organizations and that the MCOs will be expected to promote such models under their agreements with Ohio health care providers. The Department oversees contracts with seven Ohio health plans serving 1.6 million Ohio Medicaid recipients.

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