White House Releases Report on Benefits of Medicaid Expansion

The White House has released a report entitled, “Missed Opportunities: The Consequences of State Decisions Not to Expand Medicaid.”   The report estimates that if the 22 states that have not yet expanded Medicaid chose to do so, some 4,299,000 persons in those states would gain coverage; 1,021,000 more persons would report a usual source of care; 491,000 more persons would receive all needed care; hundreds of thousands more persons would receive recommended preventive screenings (626,400 more persons would receive cholesterol screenings, 163,400 more women would receive mammograms, etc.); 5,180 deaths would be prevented each year; 192,600 fewer persons would face catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenses; and uncompensated care costs would be $4.54 billion lower.   It also notes that improving health coverage could promote greater macroeconomic resiliency (reducing mortgage foreclosures and personal bankruptcies in economic downturns resulting from unanticipated out-of-pocket medical expenses).  The report describes methodologies for its estimates and cites academic research already published in the New England Journal of Medicine and many other distinguished publications.