Learning together, and from each other

When we think of education, we often picture a teacher in a classroom full of neatly ordered rows of desks.  Some of the most important learning students do, however, comes from each other.  This happens on the playground when students learn to interact as equals, on the ballfield where they learn to win and lose as team, and through programs like the Village Movement Mentoring Program.

In school districts around the country, students who take part in PCG’s EPIC summer camp’s public speaking module take turns presenting at least one thing they learned to an audience of their peers, parents, district leaders.  In other modules, students learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and team-building skills, and are encouraged to be creative while exercising their problem-solving skills.  

PCG also partners with districts to put on Kaleidoscope Expanded Day Programs during the school year.  In the video below, educators from the Charleston County School District discuss the impact the program has had on their students.