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Program Consulting

In today’s environment of increased accountability combined with the science of brain development and the influence of program and provider quality on both, PCG offers practical strategies and processes for ensuring not only program compliance, but program growth and the achievement of both child an...


Finance Consulting

Developing financing plans and finding funding sources in early education and child care are a major challenge for state and local officials, as well as members of community-based organizations. They are faced with identifying and accessing federal funds to help meet program goals. Program directors...


Applied Technology

Offer universal American Job Center services anytime, anywhere, from any smart device, 24/7. We can help. Services Include Virtual Technology Solution PCG’s virtual technology solution expands program accessibility, while increasing the capacity of the workforce system. Our Virtual Services Portal (...


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Health and Human Services

PCG serves health and human services organizations at the state and local government levels, including health insurance exchanges, to help them successfully implement large scale IT solutions effectively and efficiently. We share your mission to create a difference in people’s lives through a system...


Workforce & Economic Development

As the U.S. economy undergoes structural changes, employer's workforce needs are changing too. A growing skills gap in the country's labor force threatens economic growth and the livelihoods of millions of workers and their families. State and local workforce development boards and partner organizat...


For State Health & Medicaid Agencies

At PCG, we understand the challenges state Medicaid agencies are up against. Tight budgets, limited staff, and a lack of quality data can hamper your efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to achieve the best outcomes. PCG can help. We work with 30 or more Medicaid agencies nationwide at any gi...


About PCG

We share your commitment to the people you serve. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PCG helps primarily public sector health, education, and human services organizations make measurable improvements to their performance and processes. At PCG, we’re passionate about getting ...


Jill Reynolds

Ms. Reynolds leads the Employment and Income Maintenance Services and Early Childhood centers of excellence for PCG Human Services. She provides strategic leadership and support for... Jill Reynolds Associate Practice Area Director Human Services Ms. Reynolds leads PCG’s Aging and Disability Service...


Equity in the classroom

Are we asking the wrong questions about equity in the classroom? Yes, and we have been for some time according to PCG’s Alvin Crawford in his new blog post published by The Edvocate on November 26th. Throughout the article, Alvin uses the theme of questions—why we keep asking the wrong ones, why (an...