About the Program

The COVID-19 New York State (NYS) Contact Tracing Initiative was established to track and control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across New York. The purpose of the program is to improve communication and our understanding of effective strategies, with the goal of reducing transmission and ensuring affected individuals are isolating and quarantining appropriately.  

The NYS Contact Tracing Initiative employs contact tracers to communicate with individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as any parties who have been in contact with them and therefore exposed to the virus. The contact tracers maintain ongoing daily communication with these affected individuals throughout their quarantine period to complete virtual needs checks and make referrals to social, medical, or financial services. 

This initiative is operating in tandem with statewide local health department efforts and in coordination with several national partners. Public Consulting Group (PCG) is serving as a partner to New York State by assisting with hiring contact tracer team members and managing the contact tracer operation.


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