Technology Support for Current Employees

AWS Connect

Logging in to Connect  (see NY_Amazon Connect_First Time Login_Instructions for more details)

  1. Log into Connect through your web browser.  Always use either Chrome or Firefox browers. URL is
  2. You will NOT receive a registration email.
  3. For PCG contact tracking staff, the username is firstname.lastname. There is a 20-character limit which includes the “pcg” and any periods so the last name might be cut off
  4. Select “Forgot Password”
  5. Enter your username, the captcha picture and click recover password
  6. You will get an email and instructions to reset your password at that point
  7. Find the reset password email (check your junk and spam folders) and click the link
  8. Enter your username, a new password and confirm new password. Click Reset Password
  9. You will be automatically redirected to your Amazon Connect account and logged in


Using Amazon Connect (see NY_AWS Connect_Getting Started more details)

  1. Once logged in, you will need to set your status to “available”
  2. You must keep your status at “available” to make calls with CommCare. No calls will connect when your status is “offline”
  3. When you make a call within CommCare, your Amazon Connect dialer will pop-up. Accept the phone call to connect you to the Contact
  4. At the end of the day, log out of CommCare FIRST, then log out of Amazon Connect


Connectivity Issues with Connect

  1. Use this link to check your system connections
  2. The screen will indicate browser type, speakers and microphone checks
  3. The connectivity results either positive (green) or negative (red). If there are any negative (red) results, this indicates that there may be an internet connection, headset or firewall issue
  4. If you receive an “Initialization Error” upon log-in, this is an indication that you have a connectivity issue. Using the above link can provide insight into what specific issue you may be encountering.



Logging into CommCare  (see NY_CommCare_ First Time Login_Instructions for more details)

  1. You will receive a registration email. You may receive multiple emails for multiple county project spaces.  Check your junk and spam folders
  2. Click the link in each invitation as it will be unique to your county assignments
  3. For PCG contact tracing staff, the username is your email address
  4. Enter Full Name, Email Address and newly created Password
  5. Click Confirm Account
  6. Sign into your account and set up the Two- Factor Authentication


Two Factor Authentication for CommCare (see NY_CommCare_ First Time Login_Instructions for more details)

  1. You must set up the two-factor authentication when confirming your account
  2. You have the choice of SMS (text messaging), a phone call, or Google authenticator
  3. You will receive a token to your phone as a text, as a phone call or google authenticator application based on your selection
  4. If you select to use your phone, add +1 before the phone number
  5. Wait a minute or two for the token to arrive before requesting again (there can be a lag)
  6. Enter the login token on the screen and click next


Using CommCare (see NY_CommCare_Getting Started more details)

  1. For PCG contact tracing staff, the url is
  2. Once logged in, if you are assigned to multiple counties, you must navigate to each county’s project space
  3. Click “All Projects” in the top right navigation window, then select the county you want to work in from the list
  4. When you are ready to change counties, follow the steps above again to select a different county
  5. For PCG contact tracing staff only, click the “Log in As” icon and enter your pcg.firstname.lastname username same as AWS Connect
  6. Click “NY Communicable Disease Case” icon
  7. Click “Check-In”. Your status must be on “check-in” in order to view Contact assignments, show your supervisor you are available, and make calls to Contacts
  8. Select your preferred language(s) and hit submit
  9. At end of shift, click “Proceed to Check Out”, select yes to confirm and click submit.
  10. Then click Sign out from the settings menu


Computer Issues

Internet Speed issues (poor phone quality, slow access to Connect/CommCare) 

  2. Click on “Go”
  3. Your upload and download speeds should be at least 1.5Mbps upload and 3Mbps download
  4. If you do not have at least that speed, contact your Internet provider to have your Internet access upgraded or fixed


Sound Quality Issues

  1. Wired headset is the best way to use the system. You will place calls within the Amazon Connect system and will not use a desk phone or a cell phone, so using a wired headset will connect you to calls placed over the internet on Amazon Connect.
  2. Wireless (Bluetooth) will also work but may have audio quality issues.  Ensure you are within 6 feet of your computer
  3. If you are prompted to allow access to your microphone and speakers within Amazon Connect, choose allow. This prompt will also show your default selection if you are using a headset
  4. Using laptop/desktop microphone and speaker is the least quality option.