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Virtualize Your Workforce and Career Center Programs with VERA™

Introducing VERA, the Virtual Employment Readiness Assistant, a web-based solution that virtualizes fundamental aspects of your workforce programs:

  • Provides jobseekers 24/7 access to hands-on and self-directed job readiness curriculum built with gamification principles, pre- and post-assessments, and badging incentives across a robust lineup of workshops that tests for content absorption and real-world application
  • Enables workforce & career center staff to track and organize jobseeker and employer activity under a unified portal view and report key usage and productivity data
  • Helps employers working with Workforce Development Boards (WDB) electronically manage work-based learning documents, invoices, and associated workflow

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VERA Modules and Services

VERA offers organizations the option to use the full platform or any of its parts. Its powerful data warehouse manages client interactions, optimizes and systematizes relationships, and allows easy access to client activity reports.

  • The Manage module provides your organization with a customized Business Services module for employers. This module is a compilation of tools designed to support your team, from introducing and engaging new businesses to conducting virtual job fairs and providing information and best practices for businesses in need of preliminary human resource screening and other services. Platform capabilities include: Training Space, Virtual Job Fairs, Meeting Platform, and Employer Intake processes.

  • The Work module is a platform that enables organizations to manage employers who welcome participants to work at their worksites under various workforce development programs. On this platform, staff can upload custom made forms for each program such as applications, job descriptions, invoices for salary reimbursements for OJT contracts, etc. Customizable workflows track and manage communications and document hand-offs between various staff members and employer worksite staff.

    Workforce agencies can track program progress and discuss with local businesses their success or challenges with participants. This creates a community of support for both employers and those participating in experiential work-based learning (WBL). Additionally, the WBL platform assists career center staff in programmatic monitoring and compliance.

  • The Explore module is a career exploration tool that includes a suite of assessment tools designed for career counseling, career planning, and career exploration. The tools are designed to help job seekers gain personal insight on occupations they might find satisfying. Once the customer has completed the assessments, they will be provided with a list of jobs that most accurately match their skills and interests and a printable report of results. This content is based on valuable O*NET career exploration tools.

  • The Learn module provides users with virtual workshop opportunities designed to meet the specialized needs of jobseekers. Learn allows increased access for customers who are utilizing services at partner agencies and other organizations while promoting accessibility of workforce system services to all users. The course content is designed to increase engagement and interactivity, ongoing assessment ensures that learners are absorbing the information, and differentiated instruction ensures course content reaches all learners.

  • Paired with the Services Navigator, the Screen module is a referral tool that is a fast and easy way to triage customers. This resource is a custom screening tool, developed to incorporate the organizations you wish to include and their eligibility requirements. Users can input basic personal information to find partner agencies and health and human service programs where users may be eligible to receive services. The user is then provided with a customized list of programs with contact information for each provider.


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VERA: A Better Solution for the Post-Pandemic World

The global pandemic showed us not only the need for virtual services, but also the wide range of possibilities that they deliver. COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way workforce business is conducted and demonstrated that virtually delivered services are effective and essential. 

As you transition back to in-person services, maintaining a virtual service channel will be critical as many job-seeking customers will continue to prefer or expect the virtual experience. Improving your existing processes with a sustainable, scalable, and turnkey solution like VERA will better position your agency to serve customers in the manner that suits their needs.

VERA’s hub-and-spoke design allows you to add, a la carte, the modules you need as you need them, developing a full complement of virtual services over time. Scaling VERA as user adoption increases or adding more courses to the library is simple.