Looking forward to another great year at SXSWedu!

Countdown to SXSWedu

PCG is excited to participate in three sessions at SXSWedu 2017 in Austin, Texas! We look forward to once again bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders and experts from across the country to highlight innovation, best practices, and collaboration across a breadth of fields.

With less than a month until the conference kicks off, we are ramping up our Countdown to SXSWedu by sharing even more great content here each week from public, private, and academic voices. And remember to sign up for our weekly newsletter, #PCGatSXSW, to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from PCG at SXSWedu 2017: Engaging the Community, Wired Job Embedded On-line Learning, and Kidonomics: 2+2 = 6.


Engaging the Community (#SXSWMBK)

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK), is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to build ladders of opportunity and unlock the full potential of our youth, specifically young men and women of color. It takes a community to raise a child from Cradle-to-Career...


Wired for Job Embedded On-line Learning (#SXSWWired)

From professional development in a large urban district to teacher preparation in a small university (and much in between), this panel of public, private, and academic voices share insights on why online professional learning underwhelms...


Kidonomics: 2 + 2 = 6 (#SXSWKidonomics)

When exactly should we begin preparing our kids so as to build a competitive workforce pipeline? When is too early, or too late? Preparing our youth with the skills they need to secure jobs and live the life they desire is crucial. Significant evidence...


Related Events

Institute for Emerging Issues’ Emerging Issues Focus Forum

At the Emerging Issues Focus Forum on Kidonomics, we participated in a panel exploring community responses to early childhood investments. This important conference examined the connections between early childhood investments, North Carolina’s economy, and the development of a well-trained workforce.


United Way for Greater Austin’s Ruthless Good Scavenger Hunt

The United Way for Greater Austin’s Ruthless Good Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful opportunity to explore one of our favorite cities, and to raise funds to support children and families in Austin. 


PCG SXSWedu News


Villages, Villagers, and Scholars

Several years ago, Dr. Brenda Manuel, director of the Student Involvement, Development and Empowerment (SIDE) unit of the Los Angeles Unified School District, organized a conference for 400 high school boys of color... Read More.


Los Patojos, “the Little Ones,” comes to PCG

Grant Blair, our Education practice area director, explains how PCG became involved with Los Patajos, and how the holistic and integrated approach we take to early childhood development matches up with their philosophy... Read More.


New Ideas and New Resources: The Benefits of Community Engagement

Other than parents, schools and teachers have more responsibility for raising children than any other part of society. But they can’t do it alone... Read More.


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