Data Systems

Technology tools for education

Digital, data-driven tools to improve outcomes for all students.


Educators need digital tools designed to help them make informed decisions that lead to improved outcomes for all students. Efficiency, speed, and compliance are essential elements to consider when selecting new options. Our digital tools for schools are customized to target and solve real-world education challenges.

Features and benefits include identifying at-risk students; instructional efficacy; assessment and curriculum management; local and provincial reporting; and more.

Our data-driven technology solution, EDPlan Insight™, helps districts to improve instruction; monitor student progress; and measure and analyze meaningful results. We also offer a customized student information module for tracking and managing Indigenous Services.

In addition, IEP Online™, our suite of special education management tools, is designed to ensure that educators can focus less time on document management tasks and more time on student services and individualized education plans (IEPs).

EDPlan Insight™ – The Data Analytics Solution

Robust data analytics for teachers, administrators, and district leaders.

EDPlan Insight is a technology platform designed to encourage and support a district-wide culture of data use. From classroom teachers to the office of the Superintendent/Director, this solution provides staff with a ‘one-stop’ experience for accessing student-related data on most devices—in real time. It also enables district staff to ask complex questions about student performance, both individual and in aggregate, and receive immediate answers.

The system is built on expandable Microsoft architecture as K-12 data needs increase. It also works with existing student information systems, district assessment systems, and other data sources.

Why choose EDPlan Insight?

Features include:

Advanced analytics and predictive student graduation

Indigenous student services—enhanced support

Management of student performance and achievement data

Comprehensive student profiles

Customized dashboards and reporting models that meet local and provincial needs

Tools to set up and manage local, district, and ministry assessments

Multi-platform model that supports secure use on mobile devices and multiple browsers; hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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EDPlan Insight™ for Indigenous Students Module

Enhance support and data management for the learning success of all Indigenous students.

Data to drive student success

EDPlan Insight now has a module for Indigenous students. This data analytics module is designed to conveniently send the right Indigenous student information to the right people in real time—helping these students to receive the appropriate enhanced supports when needed.

This module’s comprehensive data management functions include collection, storage, analysis, and distribution of Indigenous student data.

On its own, EDPlan Insight provides classroom teachers, district leaders, and school administrators with rich data, such as student grades, attendance, behavior information, local and districtwide assessments, etc. In addition to providing this information for Indigenous students, this module gives support staff daily access to enter data related to enhanced services that Indigenous students receive.

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IEP Online™ for Special Education

A more dynamic case management system.

IEP Online is PCG’s premier special education management system. It is designed to help your school district to conveniently create and manage content-rich individualized education plans (IEPs) while meeting the requirements of ministries of education.

This best-practice system is fully compliant and optimized to support mandated IEPs and identification and placement processes. It also manages clinical services, special education equipment inventory, and special transportation. In addition, it includes a comprehensive data analytics suite.

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SkoVision™ for Strategic Planning

Transform your strategic education improvement planning process.

SkoVision, PCG’s strategic planning and performance management system, transforms the static, paper-based improvement planning exercise into a dynamic improvement process.

Designed specifically for K-12 educators, SkoVision helps educators develop web-based, intuitive plans both quickly and conveniently. Creation of the plans does not require extensive training or technical experience.

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