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Webinar 1: The Student’s Mental and Physical Well-Being

July 10, 2023, 3:00 pm EST

Guest speaker: Dr. Karen L. Monahan, Ph.D., NCSP, LPES; Dr. Mary Claire Mucenic, Ph.D.
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PCG speakers: Marina Keeton Fielder, MSN, RN, CPN; William Gordillo; Jillian Haring; Dr. Jeremy Faulkenburg, DrPH

The student health and wellness crisis poses significant challenges for educators and school staff, requiring a thoughtful and proactive response. It's our responsibility to rise to the occasion and provide our youth with the resources and support they need to excel academically and in life. We can empower our students to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential by implementing an integrated and comprehensive approach to student well-being. Together, we can create a healthy, vibrant, and thriving school community.


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Webinar 2: Academic and Socioemotional Success of Every Student

July 18, 2023, 1:00 pm EST

Guest speakers: Dr. Erin K. Dunn, Ph.D.; Janell McClure
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PCG speakers: Mollye Kiss; Allison Atkins; Irene Bailey; Christine Cline

To ensure the academic and socioemotional success of every student, school districts must commit to providing comprehensive whole-child student support through a variety of means such as a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), customized curriculum, and tutoring, all of which can be tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of each student.


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Webinar 3: Promoting Student and School Safety

August 24th, 1:00pm EST  

Guest Speakers: Holly Saia, Michael Kelleher; Diane Wyatt; Ruthe Francis
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PCG Speakers: William Gordillo; Jason Matlock; Jillian Haring

Ensuring safe environment is a fundamental responsibility of school districts in their effort to provide a comprehensive and supportive ecosystem for students' holistic development. Districts can effectively mitigate potential risks by implementing behavioral threat assessments and intervention programs and maintaining a secure learning environment for all students.


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