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PCG Publishes Series in NJ Spotlight on Supporting Remote and Hybrid Instruction in Education


This fall, PCG’s Education team in New Jersey was honored to partner with NJ Spotlight to publish a series of articles about rising to challenges in education as schools pivot between remote and hybrid instruction. The COVID-19 school closures have required an unprecedented need for adaptation and creative solutions to support student learning. These articles provide essential information and actionable resources to provide teachers, parents, and administrators with the information they need to make decisions and meet student needs.

PCG is committed to helping state agencies, school communities, and families support students, nationwide. As schools reimagine the traditional school experience and modify practices in virtual and hybrid learning environments, it is vital that we find new, innovative ways to serve students. We are proud to share these NJ Spotlight articles as we continue to navigate COVID-19 together.    


Professional Development for Remote Education.

“How to Prepare Teachers for Remote Education”—by Lauren English-Mezzino.

Moving students to a remote or hybrid educational setting is not solely a technological endeavor. Beyond access to the internet and devices, this pivot requires changing how we support and prepare teachers and administrators. Learn more about teacher readiness for remote instruction, and how professional development can ensure consistent student engagement and meaningful learning for all students.

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Special Education Reentry.

“How special education departments can prepare for transition between remote and hybrid learning”—by Matthew Korobkin.

As winter approaches, students with disabilities will continue learning in a variety of environments while the COVID-19 pandemic persists. Through reviewing PCG’s Special Education Reentry Checklist, districts can evaluate their readiness and preparedness as they continue educating students. Learn more about how this checklist can help special education departments ensure smooth transitions in remote and hybrid learning.

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Monitoring Progress for Students with Disabilities.

“Virtually monitoring progress and collecting information during remote education for students with disabilities”—by Brian Mistretta and Matthew Korobkin.

As a result of COVID-19 school closures, monitoring the academic progress of students has taken on even greater importance for students with IEPs as their instruction and related services were impacted by switching to virtual and hybrid learning environments. This article provides expert insights and advice for educators, parents, and board members as we address student performance during the pandemic.

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Thank you to the Education team in New Jersey for developing this vital content and finding new solutions for supporting learning, improving outcomes, and ensuring a safe and effective education for all students.