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Jay Egan

Mr. Egan works with managed care organizations to develop, implement, and manage Fiscal Intermediary Services that support participant direction and various other Medicaid waiver groups... Jay Egan EVP Marketing & Communications Public Partnerships LLC Mr. Egan works with managed care organizations ...


Craig Connors

Craig Connors, a Manager in PCG Public Partnerships, oversees design and operation of consumer direction models of service delivery for states and managed care organizations. Since joining... Craig Connors Chief Operating Officer Public Partnerships LLC Craig Connors, a Manager in Public Partnership...


Stephen Skinner

Stephen Skinner currently directs marketing efforts for PCG. The PCG Marketing Department provides strategy, social media, communications, and administrative infrastructure support to PCG's... Stephen Skinner Principal, Director of Marketing Corporate | Marketing Stephen Skinner, a Principal with Pu...


Dana Gerow

Dana Gerow Director Technology Consulting Ms. Gerow has more than 25 years of public sector experience both as an employee to the State of California and as a consultant on various projects in California, Washington, and New Mexico. She has had the opportunity to work in all phases of the system dev...


Fred Forrer

Fred Forrer Vice President Technology Consulting Mr. Forrer has eight years of experience in the Medicaid and Eligibility environments. He is currently focused on providing IV&V and PMO services for Medicaid agencies throughout the Southeastern United States including Georgia, Alabama, Mississip...


Danika Tynes

Danika Tynes Director Technology Consulting Ms. Tynes has over 15 years of program management, analytics, and management consulting. She is an outcome-oriented strategy professional highly successful in driving the full scope of projects that align with organizational and ROI objectives. She has con...


Paul Wertheim

Paul Wertheim Director Technology Consulting Mr. Wertheim is a management and IT consultant with extensive project management and delivery experience spanning multiple teams, locations, and industries. He has private and public sector experience with digital content management, energy trading and ri...


Jim Norred

Jim Norred Senior Consultant Technology Consulting Mr. Norred is a senior consultant with extensive experience in management, leadership, and Information Technology (IT). He has worked within a Project Management Office (PMO), directed projects and staff as an IT Manager, Project Manager, Functional...


LeAnne Scott

LeAnne Scott Director Technology Consulting Ms. Scott has provided a variety of consulting services on multiple MMIS IT projects. She has over 35 years’ government experience in the Health and Human Services domain, specializing in Medicaid and eligibility and enrollment (E&E), as well as experi...



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