EDPlan EasyIEP™

EDPlan EasyIEP

Are your IEPs making the grade?

The federal rules that define compliance and expected outcomes in special education have changed, as have the technologies available to help child study teams focus staff time and financial resources on what matters most—supporting the success of students with disabilities.

Available on any web-enabled device, EDPlan helps child study teams—wherever they are—create and implement compliant, high-quality Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) while providing intuitive tools to manage timelines, support collaboration, communicate with families, report information, and maximize federal reimbursement.

Support for Compliance AND Student Growth

Support for Compliance AND Student Growth

Under the Results Driven Accountability (RDA) framework, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs is shifting priorities from a compliance-only focus to a system that balances procedural compliance with outcomes for all students. EDPlan helps child study teams maintain compliance and best practices in special education by turning the time-consuming process of developing a quality IEP into manageable steps through compliance monitoring, timeline notifications, and reduced data entry. Additionally, New Jersey special education directors helped design EDPlan’s new IEP goals and objectives functionality to help teams create measurable, ambitious IEP goals with as little effort as possible.

PCG has partnered with the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) to bring EDPlan EasyIEP users thousands of well-thought-out goals and objectives that were developed by special education teachers across the nation, providing teams with a standards-based reference point to create unique plans for each student based on their needs.

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Increase Federal Medicaid Reimbursement

Increase Federal Medicaid Reimbursement

As schools reopen, every dollar needs to be focused on students and supporting teachers. New Jersey districts using EDPlan EasyIEP that participated in the SEMI/MAC program generated nearly 20 percent more than they projected in federal reimbursement.

EDPlan reduces time spent on paperwork, supports greater compliance, and typically results in increased reimbursement. For five years in a row, New Jersey districts using EDPlan EasyIEP outperformed other New Jersey districts with respect to Federal Medicaid reimbursement for health-related services. SEMI-participating school districts are already using some of EDPlan’s functionality. By expanding use of EDPlan to also create IEPs, users can eliminate duplicative data entry, get greater visibility into service logging fidelity, and reduce overall administrative burden.

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Collaborate with Teachers, School Leaders, and Families

Collaborate with Teachers, School Leaders, and Families

Meeting the needs of a student requires partnership from case managers, special education teachers, related service providers, general education teachers, school administrators, and family members. EDPlan is designed to support these partnerships through its role-based user permissions. School staff only have access to the information they need, when they need it. Family members are also able to participate in the special education process through EDPlan’s all-in-one caregiver portal, which securely and conveniently connects them to their child’s education plan.

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Key EDPlan Features

Compliance dashboards

Compliance dashboards make it easy to manage caseloads, monitor timelines, and administer special education across the district.

Caseload alerts and email notifications

Caseload alerts and email notifications keep case managers and teachers on top of upcoming dates and special education timelines.

SMART goal builder with integrated Goals & Objectives Bank

SMART goal builder with integrated Goals & Objectives Bank helps case managers and teachers create high-quality, measurable IEP goals and objectives.

Cutting edge integration and advanced systems interoperability

Cutting edge integration and advanced systems interoperability provide flexibility and security in sharing information across district systems. 


Process workflows

Process workflows lead staff step-by-step through special education procedures and automatically create important documents, meeting invitations, and progress reports, all while collecting vital student information for state reporting and saving documents to the student’s electronic filing cabinet.


Dynamic user interface

Dynamic user interface pre-populates fields with relevant student information and automatically changes to capture required fields based on entries by case managers and teachers, ensuring complete and compliant IEPs.


Modern analytics and report libraries

Modern analytics and report libraries deliver standard reports that can be pre-scheduled to run based on individual district needs, as well as provide business intelligence tools to explore district data and create reports and dashboards on the fly.

Nearly a decade ago, Public Consulting Group (PCG) helped the U.S. Department of Education create the data standard used across the country as a common language for education, and the firm is actively engaged in the communities shaping interoperability through Ed-FiSIF, and various IMS Global Standards. When school districts are ready to modernize how they move data across systems with confidence, PCG can be a helpful guide.


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