Apprenticeship Management

We Make Apprenticeship Easy

Apprenticeship is a powerful tool for employers to recruit, train, and retain employees – but navigating the registered apprenticeship system can be daunting.

That’s where we come in.

We help employers design, register, and manage apprenticeship programs. In short, we make apprenticeship easy.

Why partner with PCG?

We believe in the power of apprenticeship. It is an effective – and underutilized – model for creating a stronger workforce.

Our team members have the experience you need to get an apprenticeship program off the ground. We have experience in all phases of the process. We can help with big picture strategy, compliance, and day-to-day administration.


Our Services

Supplemental Payment Program Initiation

Design, register, and manage an Apprenticeship Program tailored for your organization

Supplemental Payment Program Expansion

Access experts who can provide an assessment of your Apprenticeship needs


Managed Care Program Implementation

Join a PCG Registered Apprenticeship program


Our specific services include:

  • Program Design and Registration – PCG can help design, develop, and register apprenticeship programs that meet industry occupational standards.
  • Apprentice Management – PCG can help track and monitor apprentices as they progress through the program.
  • Related Technical Instruction (RTI) – PCG can provide support in creating, developing, and implementing RTI, a core component of apprenticeship.
  • RAPIDS Data Entry & Technical Assistance – The Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Database System (RAPIDS) serves as the primary platform for registering and managing apprentices, occupations, and other relevant program information in many states. PCG can provide technical assistance and direct support in keeping RAPIDS current.
  • Program Compliance and Documentation – Office of Apprenticeship (OA) and State Apprenticeship Agencies (SAA) are two types of registration agencies that are responsible for registering and overseeing Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). PCG can help you develop and submit required documentation.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance and Quality Assessment reviews – PCG can provide a pre-audit assessment of your registered program to help ensure your organization is in compliance.
  • Expansion Strategies – PCG can help build and implement plans for expanding registered apprenticeship programs.
  • Funding Opportunities – PCG can work with your team to identify apprenticeship funding opportunities that align with your Apprenticeship Program goals and objectives.
  • Pre-apprenticeship Pipeline Development – PCG can help develop a recruitment plan to build a highly skilled workforce and strengthen your workforce.


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