Announcing Our FY24 EPIC Awards Winner for Community!

31. May 2024 PCG Press Releases

PCG’s quarterly employee recognition program, the EPIC Awards, is designed to help bring the firm’s four core tenets—Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passion, Impact, and Community—to life in a tangible way. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Kyrstyn Paulat, a senior consultant in Health, has been selected as PCG’s newest EPIC Awards winner in recognition of the Community she fosters both internally at PCG and externally with our client partners.

Since joining PCG in 2016, Kyrstyn has been encouraging cross-practice area collaboration and positive feedback, forging connections, and establishing effective work relationships with clients and within teams. In her time at the firm, she has continually organized and participated in community service activities as part of 'Team Culture' within the Financial & Strategic Solutions (FSS) Center of Excellence (COE).

From the moment I met Kyrstyn on the PCG Cares subcommittee, it was clear her passion for every cause that she is involved in, be it local volunteer events or general events across the FSS team. Kyrstyn is a constant driver on all our committee discussions; I truly don't believe we would get half as much done without her,” said Joanne Fung, a senior operations manager in Health. “I have grown close to several business team members that I would otherwise not have interacted with, if it were not for these committees and Kyrstyn's fierce commitment to her community engagement efforts.”

Krystyn has added tremendous value to the FSS COE, clients she’s worked with, and the School Based Services (SBS) product line. She has built and maintained close relationships with many SBS Medicaid clients, including the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Through her work, she pursues opportunities that lead to more inclusive and diverse teams, perspectives, and exchanges of ideas.

When it comes to just the client work, Kyrstyn is passionate about the clients we serve and cares deeply about the projects she oversees in SBS. Kyrstyn has fostered genuine relationships with our state clients we work with as well as individual district coordinators and has expertise for the programs, but also demonstrates compassion for the people impacted by them,” says Aisha Raji, a business analyst in Health. "She encourages me to engage in the Community building efforts at PCG, as well as for the communities we serve through our projects. From the time I started at PCG, she has been supportive of me in the DEI efforts I have been involved in and empowered me to get as involved as I am now, with a current role on our DEI Corporate Advisory Council representing health and co-chairing the council, as well as my ERG involvement. Kyrstyn has also come to me to talk about how we can be inclusive in our language, just due to some more of my experience these last few years, for client facing materials which I feel has been appreciated by our clients.”

"In Kansas, Kyrstyn constantly strives to ensure that we are providing excellent service to our state client, our school district clients, and the students our districts serve. She continually reminds me and the rest of the team that we are doing this work in order to promote the health and wellbeing of the students in Kansas that need help. She demonstrates her commitment to this by ensuring that our work is excellent, but also more specifically by pointing out ways we can better serve our clients and students,” said Nathaniel Erickson, an operations manager in Education. “Kyrstyn works incredibly hard to foster connection between the Education and Health teams and goes out of her way to support staff that need assistance. She designed, implemented, and leads a bimonthly process where Health and Education take turns presenting special topics and analyses to our clients. In this initiative, she also put in processes to ensure that Health is providing feedback to Education and Education is providing feedback to Health. This builds trust, develops relationships, encourages the teams to break down barriers/silos, allows for the exchange of ideas, and ultimately leads to a better product.”

Please join us in congratulating Kyrstyn Paulat on this well-deserved recognition!