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EDPlan™ Health: Electronic Health Record Documentation System

19. January 2024 PCG Press Releases

Many schools struggle to find efficient, secure, easy to use documentation systems for their students’ health information. School nurses often manage high volumes of paperwork that can be error-prone, time-consuming, and inefficient. Additionally, school health administrators must ensure standards of practice, consistent documentation, and compliance with state and district regulations.

To help meet these specific needs, Public Consulting Group (PCG) offers EDPlan Health, an electronic health record (EHR) documentation system. This HIPAA and FERPA compliant solution allows school nurses to securely record and access comprehensive student health information and critical health alerts, all in one place.

Designed by school nurses for school nurses, EDPlan Health offers comprehensive features that will revolutionize your workflow and enhance student care. Some key features include nursing office visit templates, informative reports, and role-based user permissions.

To learn more about EDPlan Health, watch our demo video here.