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Modernizing the citizen experience in child welfare


With the convergence of the Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First Act) and the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) regulation changes, child welfare leadership are faced with the unprecedented opportunity to rethink the citizen experience. That’s according to a new blog post authored by Public Consulting Group’s Carole Hussey in collaboration with Judge James Payne.

In their new post, Carole and Judge Payne discuss how focusing on prevention upfront can avoid the atmosphere of conflict that often results from the traditional reactive approach to client interactions in child welfare. They outline potential engagement methods to consider when reimagining service delivery and process redesign for the following personas: children, youth in transition, biological families, foster families, and service providers. In doing so, Carole and Judge Payne articulate the importance of moving away from linear processing and more toward a supportive network of care and restoration of the family unit to improve outcomes for children and families.

To learn more, read the full post on LinkedIn here.