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PCG celebrates Women’s History Month


This March, we proudly participate in the annual celebration of Women’s History Month to honor the many achievements of women throughout history and examine the issues that affect women today. We thank the women of PCG for the productivity, resourcefulness, experience, and perspective they bring to our many projects! Our firm and clients benefit tremendously from their hard work.

Below are just a few of the ways PCG is celebrating this observance and educating ourselves on women’s history this month:

  • Acknowledging the successes of the women on our teams, letting them know we appreciate their contributions.
  • The internal Diversity & Inclusion group continues to share ideas on building a more inclusive workforce, in addition to leading a discussion on feminism TED talks and facilitating a webinar with Dr. Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman to go to space, regarding her NASA career.
  • Using the resources on the National Women’s History Museum website to learn about influential women of the past.
  • Getting inspired by reading biographies of women whose notable acts have secured them a place in history.
  • Encouraging the development and distribution of employee-written blog posts on the topic.

Thanks to Mykelin Myers for contributing to this piece.