AlloTrac™ 100% Time Tracking Systems

PCG’s proprietary web-based cost tracking tool, AlloTrac™ is used to track the time of a group of workers where random moment sampling is not feasible. It allows workers to track their time according to specified activities in specified increments. The results are used to allocate the costs of the participating workers.

Our system is specifically designed to meet the 100% time reporting needs of an agency to support cost reporting or cost allocation for federal and other claiming efforts. AlloTrac has several features that allow for administrators and time tracking users to complete daily tracking in an efficient manner. Participants are required to record the activities they perform throughout their workday within the AlloTrac system. Participants record activities in set increments (typically every 15 minutes) for each day that they are working or scheduled to work. Time tracking may occur for an entire quarter or a set period within a given quarter or year. The results are used as a statistic and applied against cumulative staff costs to determine the amount of time/cost spent on each activity recorded.

PCG’s AlloTrac system has many features, including but not limited to:

  • Flexible time tracking intervals.
  • Decision-tree response process.
  • Flexible response requirements.
  • User-friendly calendar and start/end time selection.
  • Quality control checks when recording time.
  • Ability to save time tracking days.
  • Standard reports that meet result tabulation and monitoring needs.
  • Customized reports.
  • Customized, detailed user manual.
  • Secure website and data transfer.
  • Secure login credentials.
  • Full access, time tracker, and report only user permissions.
  • Extensive data back-up and disaster recovery plan.


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