TANFTrac™ - WPR Tracking Solution

Sometimes life lessons can be found in simple tasks.

An important aspect of welfare-to-work is learning time accountability. TANFTrac™ by PCG encourages TANF work-eligible participants to track and submit their own work activity hours. Create the opportunity for your clients to learn time keeping awareness while improving the accuracy and timeliness of actual and verified work activity hours.

TANFTrac by PCG is a federal work verification plan compliant web-based system that will improve your WPR performance by replacing your current paper timesheet process.

New federal work verification requirements mandate the tracking of actual work activities hours, in compliance with a state’s Work Verification Plan. PCG’s TANFTrac solution allows TANF recipients to log work hours on a secure Internet site, making timesheet information available to worksite supervisors, case managers, and agency statisticians.

The result: More accurate, timely, and efficient processing of work activity hours than a paper timesheet process. TANFTrac offers a better way to collect actual and verified work activity hours performed by work-eligible TANF clients with significantly less dataentry burden by agency staff.

With TANFTrac, state and county TANF agencies can quickly view work participation rates, assess the risk of federal penalties, and manage that risk by identifying the work-eligible TANF participants not meeting their work requirement.