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James Waldinger

Mr. Waldinger, an Associate Manager at PCG, is an experienced Medicaid policy and reimbursement professional who focuses on healthcare operations, mental health and substance abuse policy and integration, and health care reform and its impact on Medicaid programs and providers. James Waldinger Assoc...


Business Enablement

Our Business Enablement services help our clients improve and sustain their operational capability and maturity. These services are also designed to be complementary to services within our other major business lines. Management Engineering & Governance Management Engineering focuses on applying ...


Outsourcing & Operations

You have a mission to achieve: keeping children and youth safe and building strong families. But achieving that mission requires complying with extensive policies, rules, regulations and laws, paying bills, running payroll, maintaining facilities, securing data, and more—all of which places a heavy ...


Applied Technology

Early childhood technology is as expansive and multifaceted a domain as the field of early childhood itself. Today, nearly every early childhood service agency relies on technology to support families getting needed and appropriate services, including managing assessments, services and payments. The...


Outsourcing and Operations

We have experience with every level of the system, from board leadership to front-line staff, and understand first-hand how each role influences a system’s success. PCG can manage your employment operations to serve more customers and better prepare your local workforce. We offer data-driven value-a...


Third Party Administrator Services

Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services PCG serves as an expert and trusted third party administrator (TPA) providing end to end claims processing services and solutions on behalf of government agencies and health plans. Our team works with Medicare and Medicaid health plans, as well as other gover...


EasyIEP™ - Web-Based Special Education Case Management

A More Powerful Kind of Case Management EasyIEP ™ is the country’s leading web-based special education case management tool, used by districts spanning 30+ states to achieve and maintain federal and state compliance and improve processes and procedures in their special education programs. The flexib...


Health Information Technology (HIT)

PCG's Health Information Technology (HIT) team works with state and government agencies, with a focus on Medicaid, Exchanges and health information technology, to help further the advancement of technology in the world of health care. Services include Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) IT Strategy Co...



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Amy Whitcher Smith

Ms. Smith has 19 years of experience in public sector education initiatives and is currently South Regional Manager for PCG. She has been with PCG since 1999 in the Charlotte office... Amy Whitcher Smith Manager Education Ms. Smith has 19 years of experience in public sector education initiatives an...