Program Consulting

PCG works with states and providers to design, develop, refine, evaluate, and manage programs that support older adults and people with disabilities. We work with states to be inclusive of- and responsive to- the people being supported, those who provide funding, and regulatory agencies.

A person-centered approach is a key element of PCG’s work. Our innovative service offerings focus on the achievement of valued personal outcomes by the people receiving support.

Our services include

HCBS Waiver Services

  • Development, redesign, and implementation of Home and Community Based (1915c) waiver programs focusing on innovative practices
  • Strategic planning and redesign of case management systems for aging and disability populations

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services

  • Design, development, and delivery of pre-employment transition services to youth with disabilities, specializing in designing and delivering instruction to those with most significant disabilities.
  • Development, implementation, and coordination of a variety of training and technical assistance opportunities to improve services and outcomes of employment service providers. 
  • Strategic planning and redesign of services to include evidence-based and successful practices that improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.


Program Evaluation

Conducting federally-required assessments, such as the Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment for VR agencies as well as targeted assessments to identify needs and recommendations to address these respective needs.
Assessing, designing, and supporting coordinated systems that improve quality of life and increase access to community resources such transportation and housing.