Applied Technology

Our early childhood technology experts assist agencies with managing their data across programs more efficiently and effectively. We provide self-service tools for families and providers and implement systems to improve program integrity and optimize funding sources.

Early childhood technology is as expansive and multifaceted of a domain as the field of early childhood itself. Today, nearly every early childhood service agency relies on technology to support families receiving needed and appropriate services, including managing assessments, services, and payments. The potential to better support families and to understand what is working means integrating data sets across programs and agencies and applying data analytics.

Technology decisions can be complicated, as there is a need for agencies to invest in mobility and self-service systems while many product and cloud technology options are available. Our consultants are ready to support you during the process.

Services Include

Child Care Subsidy Technology

PCG helps states and localities with applying technology to better support their child care subsidy operations along the full spectrum. This includes streamlining child care eligibility determinations with programs, such as Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This enhances the ability for parents to locate quality child care using web-based and mobile applications and modernizes child care time and attendance tracking through mobile tools.

Early Intervention Technology

As a partner to providers and early intervention (EI) agencies, PCG provides case management and fiscal agent services and solutions that relate to federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B and/or Part C programs. We also offer solutions for providers and agencies to meet other applicable state and federal requirements prior to full implementation of these programs.

We offer:

  • A proven financial management solution (EIBilling) and extensive fiscal agent experience
  • A configurable and modern case management system solution and experience that is specifically tailored to meet IDEA Part C requirements
  • Extensive experience with provider enrollment and management in several states


QRIS, Provider Assessment and Licensing Technology

PCG has assisted states with modernizing their child care licensing technology by supporting a remote workforce in the field through mobile tools and applying data analytics—to prioritize high-risk programs for review.

Child Care Workforce Management Technology

By improving self-service options, PCG helps states to modernize their child care workforce registry systems to allow providers and staff to independently manage their own careers and education programs. PCG has also assisted states with integrating their workforce systems with licensing and background check systems.

Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS) Supports

PCG assists states and localities with implementing and integrating early childhood data across programs related to early childhood, workforce development, benefits, child welfare, public health, and other areas with administrative data sets.

Learning Management System (LMS)

PCG operates a comprehensive and innovative cloud-based LMS solution to meet a vast array of needs related to training, professional development, credentialing, and compliance tracking.

The LMS can both host and author Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)-compliant eLearning content and offers a wide range of interactive components and features to keep learners engaged.

Our flexible solution is available to anyone with an internet connection and offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed with the learner in mind.