Applied Technology

Early childhood technology is as expansive and multifaceted a domain as the field of early childhood itself. Today, nearly every early childhood service agency relies on technology to support families getting needed and appropriate services, including managing assessments, services and payments. The potential to better support families and to understand what’s working means integrating data sets across programs and agencies and applying data analytics. Technology decisions are also more complicated, with different products and cloud-technologies available, and need to invest in mobility and self-service.

Our technology consultants have assisted early childhood agencies master their data across programs, provide self-service tools for families and providers, and implement systems to improve program integrity and maximize funding sources.

Services Include

Child Care Subsidy Technology

PCG has supported states and localities apply technology to better support their child care subsidy operations along the full spectrum. This includes streamlining child care eligibility determinations with other programs, such as Medicaid, TANF and SNAP, enhancing parents’ ability to locate quality child care using web-based and mobile tools, and modernizing child care time and attendance tracking using mobile tools.

Early Intervention Technology

PCG provides case management and billing IT applications to state and local early intervention (IDEA Part C and preschool special education) agencies, supporting services for 10,000s of children nationally.

QRIS, Provider Assessment and Licensing Technology

PCG has assisted states to modernize their child care licensing technology, by supporting a remote workforce in the field through mobile tools and applying data analytics to prioritize high-risk programs for review.

Child Care Workforce Management Technology

By improving self-service options, PCG has helped states modernize their child care workforce registry systems to allow providers and staff to independently manage their own careers and education programs. PCG has also assisted states to integrate their workforce systems with licensing and background check systems.

Early Childhood Data Integration and Analytics

PCG assists states and localities to integrate early childhood data across programs and with other programs, such as with K-12 data, workforce, other benefit programs, child welfare, public health, and other administrative data sets.