Outsourcing and Operations

Administering a system of services for promoting high-quality child care and early childhood education programs requires service-delivery that meets the needs of children and families in your community or state. PCG proudly partners with early childhood education organizations to manage core functions in making sure children and families receives the services that provide child development while supporting working parents and families. We can help your organization navigate extensive policies, rules, regulations and laws, paying bills, running payroll, maintaining facilities, securing data, and more.

Services Include

Child Care Subsidy Management

PCG provides outsourced operations management for state child care subsidy agencies across the country. We can perform day-to-day operations including but not limited to:

  • Child Care Development Fund Child Care (CCDF) Subsidy Eligibility, Tracking and Payment Processing
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Welfare-To-Work Child Care Payment Processing
  • Child Care Provider Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Title IV-E Child Care Claiming


Early Intervention Central Management Office

PCG provides Central Management Office services for state early intervention programs. We have an early intervention fiscal management information technology system that we can configure to meet a state’s needs. We perform daily operations of processing Medicaid claims, commercial insurance claims, and family fees to help you maximize recovery of all payer sources, allowing the state to be the payer of last resort. Our user-friendly web-based billing application allows providers to access patient, service, and claim records. We also provide a comprehensive customer service center, including call center support addressing claims status and issues. We have a proven record of increasing revenues for early intervention services through our facilitation of Early Intervention health care claims:

  • Provide web-based billing application and related training and technical assistance for providers
  • Process all provider and insurance claims
  • Oversee the payment of claims


Professional Development Registry

Building the capacity of the early childhood education workforce is essential to increasing the quality of child care programs. PCG is a proven professional development and training provider through:

  • Provider training curriculum development, implementation, and monitoring
  • Professional development registry management operations
  • Manage central repository of education, training and work experience
  • Career lattice information and resource management
  • Instructor approval
  • Provider technical assistance
  • Payment and scholarship processing