Program Consulting

In today’s environment of increased accountability combined with the science of brain development and the influence of program and provider quality on both, PCG offers practical strategies and processes for ensuring not only program compliance, but program growth and the achievement of both child and program outcomes.

PCG offers a wide-range of consulting services that can be customized to the program, county, regional, or state level. Our consulting team is experienced across the field of early childhood programming and offers:

Services Include

Analysis of Program Design

Program models can contribute or detract from achieving funding and program goals. PCG helps states and local agencies make investments in policies and program design models that work.

Child Care Licensing Supports and Evaluation

Differential Monitoring planning, licensure alignment with national standards, and more!

Evaluation of Operational Structure

Service delivery and equal access matter! PCG can assist with a developing a focused strategy for ensuring access for all children and families.

Program Evaluation

PCG evaluates a range of human services programs, conducting outcome, process, and cost evaluations.  Data are collected through interviews, focus groups, document reviews, observations, surveys, and from a variety of management information systems.  PCG can help you invest in programs that work.

Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Support

Measuring and improving quality matters! PCG has supported several QRIS initiatives, including media campaigns to promote stakeholder and provider engagement, and evaluation of QRIS.

Strategies for Local Systems Coordination

Build successful coordination across early childhood programs, funders, and sectors to ensure positive outcomes for children, families, and communities. PCG can help analyze the local landscape, identify collaboration opportunities and barriers, and help create systems designed to support children and families.

Training and Technical Assistance

The ability of any organization to accomplish its mission depends on a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. The PCG team offers subject matter expertise in content areas, program administration and leadership, and will work with local programs and state agencies to customize trainings, conduct local needs assessments, and implement system-wide training initiatives.