Data Systems & IT Solutions

Data Systems & IT SolutionsWith the right technology solutions, schools and districts can more effectively meet the needs of all students. PCG’s industry-leading educational technology systems, including our EDPlan™ suite, support thousands of schools and districts nationwide. Our professionals will guide your district through the implementation process and help you tap into the full potential of each tool to support the success of both teachers and students, boost efficiency, and help meet your goals.


Plan on success for your students. Plan on EDPlan.

Plan on success for your students. Plan on EDPlan.

EDPlan is a suite of tools and services from PCG that helps you promote a plan for student success—in special education, academics, behavior, and beyond. EDPlan’s features have been designed in partnership with teachers, education professionals, and project management experts; it is used in more than 30 states, supporting thousands of schools and districts nationwide.

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Why EDPlan?

User-Friendly and Seamless

EDPlan’s intuitive design simplifies document development and compliance, smoothly integrating with existing student information systems and local data sources.

Reporting that Works for You

Powerful, flexible reporting and analytical tools help you get the answers you need to drive student achievement.

Reimbursement Made Simple

Our EasyTrac™ module makes school-based Medicaid reimbursement easier and more effective, to help you recover the reimbursements to which you are entitled.

The #1 Choice for Special Education

EDPlan is the most widely used special education management system in the US today, serving more school systems and states than any other.

Related Services include

Fee-for-Service Claiming

In an age of shrinking budgets, you want to ensure your district is optimizing the federal reimbursement you’re entitled to for the delivery of health services to your eligible students. Our financial experts offer a comprehensive range of services to support your fee-for-service claims processes:

  • Transforming service documentation to required billing formats for submission to the state.
  • Reviewing data for billing compliance.
  • Tracking service submission, processing, payments, and final claim adjudication.
  • Performing checks to determine Medicaid eligibility status.
  • Providing detailed reporting and payment processing.


Statewide Longitudinal Data System Services

Public Consulting Group (PCG) has extensive experience in the development, maintenance and support of secure, statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS) that streamline federally mandated education data collection and reporting for states. As your state examines the shifting federal requirements for data collection and accountability under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), PCG can be an experienced thought partner, working with your team to identify and support the unique needs of your state plan.

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Revenue Optimization Services

PCG provides Medicaid revenue recovery and special education management services to more U.S. school districts than any other company, helping them increase revenue while lightening their administrative burden. Our financial experts can help your school district identify opportunities to optimize reimbursement from a variety of state and federal programs:

  • Providing detailed analysis to determine opportunities for additional revenue / reimbursement.
  • Reviewing current processes and reimbursement to determine any audit risks.
  • Ensuring that your district receives every dollar it’s entitled to—and maintain that reimbursement, through any audits or reviews.


Special Education Improvement Services

Our dedicated consultants, who include special education specialists, administrators, and former teachers, can provide valuable strategic guidance to help you achieve better results for your students with disabilities. We’ll work with you to determine the right support for your needs.

  • Comprehensive special education reviews, including actionable recommendations for programmatic improvement and compliance management.
  • Inclusive practices and co-teaching coaching.
  • Alignment of IEPs and instruction to state standards.
  • Leadership capacity in support frameworks (Universal Design for Learning, Multi-Tiered System of Supports).
  • SSIP evaluation design and facilitation supporting a continuous improvement cycle and SIMR goals.
  • Data analysis and benchmarking on SPP and other key performance indicators.