Insights and Thought Leadership

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience working across the public sector, our colleagues and subject matter experts often share insights, guidance, and best practices through a variety of channels—case studies, presentations, white papers, thought leadership pieces, and more.

Here is a collection of those materials, including information on our featured subject matter experts. 

Equity in Education Recovery

  • Florida: Broward's Journey to Equitable Recovery

    Threat and Risk Management, Health Records Management, Interoperability Services, EDPlan Operations and Enhancements, Equity Co-Labs, Courageous Conversations About Race, Leadership Playbook(R)

Teaching and Learning Solutions

Data Systems and IT Solutions

Financial Solutions


  • Heidi Brett Baker

    Expertise: Special education instructional practices and curriculum development, Transition to work processes, Supports for students with intense needs (including positive behavior supports), Positive behavior supports, Assistive technology

  • Mary Baker-Boudissa

    Expertise: Equity Audits, Anti-bias Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching, Professional Development Related to Education Equity, Curriculum Review, Stakeholder Engagement

  • Debra Berlin

    Expertise: Literacy and Learning, School Turnaround Services, Special Education

  • Katanna Conley, Ph.D.

    Expertise: Common Core State Standards, Education Professional Development, K-12 Professional Development, Literacy and Learning

  • Christine Donis-Keller, Ph.D.

    Expertise: Education Program Evaluation, Education Research

  • Robb Geier

    Expertise: Data Use, Education Analytics, Education Professional Development

  • Will J. Gordillo

    Expertise: Common Core State Standards, School Improvement Planning, Special Education

  • Mary Ellen Hannon

    Expertise: Leadership, K-12 data use, Educational systems, School leadership, Curriculum design, School improvement, School turnaround services, K-12 professional development

  • Amy Howie

    Expertise: Special Education Strategic Planning and Program Redesign, Special Education Professional Development, Special Education Leader Growth and Development

  • Meredith Keedy-Merk

    Expertise: Special Education Professional Development, Special Education Leadership, Pre-Service and New Educator Supports, Students with Significant Disabilities

  • Mollye Kiss

    Expertise: Early Warning Systems (EWS), Education Policy, Education Professional Development, Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), Response to Intervention (RtI), Special Education, Student Behavior Management

  • Matthew Korobkin

    Expertise: Special education strategic planning, compliance, operations and instructional practice

  • Evan B. Lefsky, Ph.D.

    Expertise: Adolescent Literacy, Education Professional Development, Literacy and Learning, Response to Intervention (RtI),

  • Julie A. McEachin

    Expertise: Adolescent Literacy, Common Core State Standards, Curriculum Design, Education Professional Development, Literacy and Learning,

  • Steve McLean

    Expertise: Education Analytics, Education Professional Development, School Improvement Planning, Strategic Planning

  • Jennifer Meller, Ed.D.

    Expertise; Education Policy, K-12 Education, Special Education, Strategic Planning

  • Greg Nadeau

    Expertise: Education Analytics

  • Ashley Quick

    Expertise: Special Education Professional Development, Inclusive Practice Implementation, Students with Significant Disabilities

  • Gloria Rodriguez

    Expertise: Curriculum Design, English Language Learners (ELL) Education, K-12 Education, K-12 Professional Development, Migrant Education, Bilingual and Dual Language Education

  • David Ronka

    Expertise: K-12 Education, Data use, Teacher development

  • Peter Seidman

    Expertise: Adolescent Literacy, Literacy and Learning

  • Kristan Sievers-Coffer

    Expertise: Special Education Professional Development, Special Education State Planning and Program Redesign, Stakeholder Engagement

  • Richard N. Vineyard, Ph.D.

    Expertise: Common Core State Standards, Education Assessment, Education Professional Development, Education Program Evaluation, K-12 Education, K-12 Professional Development, Science, Technology, Engineering and math (STEM) Literacy

  • Paul V. Wilson

    Expertise: Professional development for educational leaders, Diversity, equity, inclusion, and access, Professional coaching services, ELA curriculum development and delivery

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