Pepper | Next Gen Teaching & Learning Network

Our Vision. Our Purpose. Our Values

Pepper is a vibrant, online learning community where educators can have anytime, anywhere access to rigorous, high-quality professional development content focusing on implementation of teaching and learning standards.

Pepper offers a variety of learning opportunities and activities through courses, instructional resources, classroom teaching videos, lessons, and a bank of technology-enhanced items to help teachers prepare for high-stakes assessments.

Because we believe learning is social, educators in Pepper can create targeted learning groups, share portfolios of work, build personal peer networks, engage in course discussions, and work together as they implement standards.

Pepper is built on the powerful edX platform, the Cambridge-based education partnership founded by Harvard University and M.I.T., to support two important missions: improving online education, and advancing teaching and learning through research.

The Five Purposes of Pepper

  1. Deliver High-Quality Instruction
  2. Present Engaging, Interactive Learning through edX Technology from Harvard and M.I.T.
  3. Provide Relevant Application to Everyday Instruction in All Classrooms
  4. Facilitate Community Support and Outreach
  5. Celebrate the Growth and Success of Teachers and Students

We Believe.

Pepper must continue to grow larger and smaller at the same time!

  • In large numbers, learners are supported through a network of peers all sharing a common goal, participating in relevant conversations, and motivating others with inspiration and positive action.

  • In small groups, learners create an environment where relationships are built and learning becomes personal.


Both environments are needed for a complete teaching and learning experience.


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