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Courses designed to support special educators and improve outcomes for students with IEPs

EDPlan Professional Development by Pepper™ provides courses designed to support special educators and improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

What does EDPlan Professional Development offer?

  • A full learning management system. Organize all historical coursework, earned and uploaded credentials, and proof of progress
  • An online portfolio of work. Track progress, share work, and promote accountability
  • Professional collaboration. Search and network with professional peers
  • Interactive learning components. Keep users engaged and challenged
  • Collaborative learning. Engage with peers through discussion groups and peer/mentor/coach review


Targeted Courses to Support Diverse Learners in Remote Education

Our first series for special education teachers is designed to enhance their professional development and to support teaching in a remote education setting. This specialized program is available through our partnership with Zia Learning, a leading professional development provider. The seamless course framework empowers teachers and supports personalized goal development, post-implementation reflection, and self-evaluation.

Foundational Strategies for Teaching in a Remote Environment

  • Explore the foundational aspects of the remote learning environment
  • Examine upfront methods to ensure quality and consistent communication and foster collaboration in the remote classroom
  • Learn about the various types of tools and technologies used in remote education environments
  • Evaluate effective instructional strategies for remote learning
  • Examine a variety of tools and methods to increase student engagement
  • Analyze the importance of student agency and determine methods to support student growth as autonomous learners

Accessibility and Compliance
—Supporting Diverse Learners in Remote Learning

  • Analyze the critical need to meet all learners’ needs including students with IEP’s, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities in a remote learning environment
  • Examine the various issues surrounding accessibility and compliance in a remote learning environment
  • Explore a wide variety of assistive technologies that are commonly used to meet accessibility needs
  • Review methods to provide modifications, differentiation, and to create alternative and appropriate forms of assessments, assignments and learning options to meet the needs of diverse learners

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for Remote Education

  • Explore the critical areas of Universal Design for Learning including engagement, representation, and action/expression
  • Establish a clear understanding of the role of UDL to support diverse learners in remote education
  • Examine strategies to implement UDL theories in remote lesson design, delivery, and instruction
  • Investigate a wide range of tools, technologies, and methods for UDL in remote education

Supporting Students’ Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Needs in Remote Education

  • Research and evaluate the role of social emotional learning supports in a remote learning setting
  • Examine specific strategies to support growth in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision making within the context of a remote education setting
  • Translate the SEL skill set to actionable instructional strategies to support time management, goal setting, engagement, perseverance, and relationships/connections within a remote learning environment

Supporting Families of Diverse Learners in Remote Education

  • Analyze the role of family supports for diverse learners in a remote learning environment
  • Examine the issues of equity and how they impact student outcomes including equity of connectivity, access to devices, availability of supports, and differing home scenarios
  • Determine strategies to provide additional supports to families of diverse learners
  • Investigate methods to work with families as partners in remote learning
  • Explore research-based strategies to support families, overcome obstacles and provide a greater sense of connection between the remote classroom and home-front
  • Identify specific supports for families


This user-friendly solution makes it easy for special education teachers to meet the needs of diverse learners.

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