EducatorED delivers high-quality content and resources combined with powerful coaching, mentoring, and collaborative experiences – all in one centralized place.

EducatorED is a robust educator social networking and collaboration platform offering on-demand, high quality resources, community created and shared content, virtual communities of practice, forums for sharing observation and feedback, course authoring tools for district staff, coaching support tools, and tools to create individualized learning plans. 


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All of your professional learning in one place

  • On demand high-quality content
  • Community shared lessons and resources
  • Virtual communities of practice
  • Social networking
  • Synchronous collaboration
  • Course authoring and delivery
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Professional learning plans
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration and interoperability
  • Designed for mobile
  • Badging


On demand high-quality content

EducatorED provides on-demand access to curated and user-contributed professional learning resources.

  • Over 600 curated video lessons
  • Course Authoring Tool for district created courses
  • Community-uploaded resources, videos, lessons, and documents
  • PD content aligned to custom teaching frameworks
  • Ability to integrate with district content repositories and 3rd party platforms



Coaching and mentoring

EducatorED connects teachers with coaches, mentors, and experts in a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

  • Coach dashboard provides quick access to all key coaching information
  • Coaches and teachers can set goals aligned to district and school goals
  • Assessments and observations help to personalize the learning experience
  • Teachers and coaches have virtual collaboration space to share resources, annotate classroom videos or lessons, and engage online and 3rd party platforms



Virtual communities of practice collaboration

EducatorED connects your entire staff in a supportive informal learning environment, with groups, chat, virtual meetings, and connections to experts and peers.

  • Synchronous collaboration tools connect your staff through instant messaging, and virtual meetings including desktop sharing, white boarding, and video
  • Virtual communities of practice enable groups to engage in discussions, share resources, and schedule online meetings
  • Social networking allows users to connect with experts and peers and 3rd party platforms



Professional learning plans

EducatorED helps teachers develop professional learning plans to establish short- and long-term plans for professional learning and implementation of newly acquired skills, aligned to personal, school, and district goals.

  • Goal setting based on learning needs aligned to personal, school, and district priorities
  • Collaboration and tracking tools help coaches support and monitor active leaning plans
  • Badges encourage the completion of activities and tasks, motivating teachers as they reach their goals
  • Includes self-assessments and allows import of other measures, configurable to custom learning frameworks



Course authoring and delivery

EducatorED supports district and departmental PD needs and programs with Course Authoring Tools that enable you to create, publish, and manage online courses delivered in the eClassroom.

  • Create and disseminate departmental PD modules
  • Simple and effective online course creation and publishing tools
  • Create badges or approve PD modules for certification of completed work
  • Workflow includes authoring, editing, sharing, and approval


Comprehensive reporting

EducatorED reporting provides role-based information that helps district and school-based leaders monitor and track information about course performance, user activity, resource usage, learning plan completions, coaching engagements, badges, and credentials earned.

  • Track user data through executive dashboard
  • Access trends and popular resources across the district
  • Monitor coaching programs and engagements
  • Access course progress, performance, and credits earned
  • Save and print reports
  • View by district, school, or date




Our partners are some of our nation’s leading education organizations, universities and publishers. Their expertise makes each of them the premiere experts in their space. 

  • Adams State College
  • Capella University
  • Insight Education Group
  • Marzano Research
  • Mindsteps
  • NJES
  • Performace Matters
  • Solution Tree
  • Touro University Nevada
  • University of North Dakota 
  • USC Rossier


PCG is leader in providing research-based professional development programs for K-12 education. We offer educators and school leaders an innovative approach to professional learning that enables districts to scale best practices with fidelity across schools. Our innovative online learning platform and courses provide teachers access to high-quality content and engaging learning experiences. Teachers learn directly from experts in their fields with support from virtual coaches and a community of their peers - all without having to leave their classrooms.

With our innovative platform, districts can deliver professional learning at scale and provide teachers with access to content with more depth, convenience, engagement, and better results. Our instructional design model provides content that is focused, sustained, collaborative, and supported by coaching with opportunities for feedback and reflection. Courses include videos of authentic classroom practice, in-depth interviews, and commentary by education leaders. Personal coaches provide feedback and facilitate peer collaboration to exchange classroom experiences. The online format enables teachers to extend their learning beyond the course with access to learning materials, supplemental resources, and a peer community for ongoing collaboration and support. As a result, districts see high completion rates and recognize valuable returns on their investment in professional development resources.


Case Study

Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) - Cultural and Linguistic Competency Training Program

With over 1.1 million students, the OSPI is charged with providing an equitable education to a student body that is nearly evenly split between white and non-white students. However, almost 90% of the State’s roughly 64,000 teachers are white. Increasing the cultural and linguistic competency of educators across schools in Washington will help bridge the racial and ethnic gaps between students and teachers and create more equitable opportunities for student success.

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