Equity Education Services: Assess, Implement, and Maintain

A framework for helping educators create and maintain equitable policies, practices, and systems.

Equity in education means maximizing positive outcomes for every student through the examination and disruption of inequitable practices, policies, and people. At Public Consulting Group (PCG), our proven solutions are sustainable. We understand achieving true equity in education is a marathon, not a sprint. Our strategic and systematic approach to creating equity helps schools and state agencies assess challenges, implement solutions, and maintain equitable experiences for each student with fidelity. The Assess, Implement, and Maintain (AIM) framework is an approach designed to provide client-specific support at any stage of equity building. The framework helps determine what PCG offerings will best help you as you move along your path to educational equity.

PCG’s Equity Building Framework for Education: Assess, Implement, and Maintain


PCG’s equity-focused education consultants assess challenges, implement solutions, and provide support to maintain equity through various products and service offerings. The AIM framework helps identify the offerings and services ideally suited to meet your unique needs based on where you are and where you’re going. By examining your goals for assessing, implementing, and maintaining equity through the AIM framework, we can find the best solutions for your district’s ongoing journey.


Assess Equity

  • Equity Readiness Assessment
  • Curriculum Equity Reviews/Audits
  • Equity Audits
  • Special Education, Inclusion, and Intervention Projects
  • Equity Snapshots
  • Culturally Responsive Teacher and Leader Surveys
  • Strategic Planning and Community Engagement
  • English Language Learner (ELL) Frameworks
  • Organizational Reviews with an Equity Lens

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Implement Equity

  • Culturally Relevant and Equity-Centric Professional Development and Student Learning Sessions
  • Direct Student Services
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • Equity Playbook for Leaders
  • Special Education Playbook
  • Special Education, Inclusion, and Intervention Projects
  • Equity, Cultural, and Linguistic Competency Courses

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Maintain Equity

  • Equity Coaching Series
  • Equity by Action Workbook
  • Special Education Support System
  • School Improvement Plan Tracking
  • Courageous Conversations About Race Online Course
  • Project Success
  • Transition Playbook
  • Custom Curriculum Development

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