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PCG Education consulting solutions help schools, school districts, and state departments of education to promote student success, improve programs and processes, and optimize financial resources. Our technology solutions are used by educators to analyze and manage state and district data and student performance information. PCG Education solutions are supported by 25 years of management consulting experience and significant K-12 educational domain expertise. We provide educators with the tools and skills to use data to make effective instructional decisions.


Educational Partnerships

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Education Analytics

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Literacy and Learning

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Revenue Services

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Operations and Technology

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Strategic Planning, School Improvement and Turnaround Services

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Student Success Planning

Our EdPlan™ student success planning tools can help you use the data you collect to make informed decisions that promote student achievement

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What's your goal?
Improving test scores. Ending school bullying. Increasing graduation rates. Preparing students for college and career. Promoting student success.

There's an EdPlan™ tool for that!

EdPlan™ is a collection of Web-based tools for student success planning in academics and behavior. Thoughtfully designed by former teachers, education professionals, and project management experts, the system addresses key school district concerns and delivers the proper supports to address identified needs. The EdPlan tools may be used individually to target particular areas of need or may be integrated for a more holistic approach to promoting organizational goals and student achievement.

The EdPlan system incorporates research-based practices and federal and state compliance guidelines to promote achievement, accountability, and compliance. Unique to our consulting approach, we also pair all of our technology offerings with K-12 field knowledge and project management expertise from seasoned professionals who work closely with clients throughout the process to ensure that our solutions are impactful and sustainable.

Designed With Teachers in Mind

The EdPlan suite was built specifically for teachers' ease of use, giving 24/7 access to all student data in one consolidated student profile that is able to store student records and support plans from preschool through high school. Because EdPlan imports all data that exists electronically, the system requires minimal teacher data entry.

Promotes Student Success

EdPlan integrates multiple areas of student performance for a holistic view of a student's individual academic, socio-behavioral, and other needs, so it gives educators valuable perspective with which to improve instruction and outcomes. Other features of the robust system include

  • secure information sharing among all stakeholders in a child's education
  • enhanced compliance with federal IDEA and 504 regulations and state graduation requirements
  • advanced reporting capabilities for aggregate analysis and required reports
  • and much more!

Comprehensive Profile

EdPlan gives educators at-a-glance information about key student assessment and performance data, as well as information for each plan area included in the district's EdPlan system.

EdPlan™ Student Success Planning Suite

EdPlan™ tools can be implemented independently to provide a solution for a target area. Or they can be integrated to
'communicate' and enhance their value when multiple tools are combined.

EdPlan™ Instructional Management System (IMS)

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EdPlan™ Performance Management Systems

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EdPlan™ Reporting & Dashboards

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EdPlan™ Response to Intervention (RtI)

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EdPlan™ Special Education Management

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EdPlan™ Student Behavior Management

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EdPlan™ Student Support Plans

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Student success doesn't come in a box.
Neither do our solutions.

Technology alone will not solve the challenges of classroom behavior problems, high drop-out rates, literacy and learning gaps, or school budget shortfalls. PCG Education professionals, from literacy coaches to former school administrators, former teachers, and software developers, partner with each client organization to help educators improve the decision-making process and achieve measurable results in student success planning and instructional management systems (IMS), literacy and learning, education analytics, Strategic Planning, School Improvement and Turnaround Services, and Medicaid reimbursement and revenue maximization.


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