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PCG Education consulting solutions help schools, school districts, and state departments of education to promote student success, improve programs and processes, and optimize financial resources. Our technology solutions are used by educators to analyze and manage state and district data and student performance information. PCG Education solutions are supported by nearly 30 years of management consulting experience and significant K-12 educational domain expertise. We provide educators with the tools and skills to use data to make effective instructional decisions.


What's your goal?
Improving test scores. Ending school bullying. Increasing graduation rates. Preparing students for college and career. Promoting student success.

Expertise Areas

Education Consulting

PCG consultants work with school districts and state agencies to support curriculum development, professional development, school turnaround, and program reviews. .... Read more

Instructional and Data Management Solutions

PCG provides a complete set consulting services and technology to manage education data to support data-driven instruction and personalized learning. .... Read more

Revenue Services and Case Management

PCG provides Medicaid revenue recovery and special education management services to more school districts in America than any other company. .... Read more




Expertise Areas


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